Sunday, March 29, 2009


DJ Wick-It The Instigator

What can i say about this man

Dude is a genius. And not just one of them book smart, correct my english geniuses... one of them wise words, learned from experience, "listen to me and you might leave smarter than you came" type geniuses. I had the pleasure of kickin it with him at his crib this weekend. He scratched on a track on my EP "Grow Old With You" and did a hell of a job, so I FINALLY got a chance to meet up with him and pay him this weekend.

I never really had a chance to sit and chat with him even though I have seen him a few times and know of him, just never really got to know him. We have a lot of mutual friends with us both bein in the urban scene here in Nashville. For those that dont know, Wick-It is one of the best local DJ's when it comes to authentic turntablism, raw hip hop, and the roots of it all. He DJ's for events such as "Mashville" and "Blazin In The Boro" which are two of the bigger local monthly hip hop parties. So I knew him by reputation but didnt know much about him... until yesterday

When I got to his crib, I had my money in hand ready to just hand it to him and dip, but he invited me in, which I aint expect. So I just decided to go ahead and chill for a bit... hell, it was Saturday anyway

We went to his room where he had his turntables, computer, and THOUSANDS of vinyls. After sharing some pretty great "inspiration" (which was unexpected as well LOL) we just got to talkin bout life, music, interests, goals etc. I found out he's been DJ-in for bout 8 or 9 yrs now. He told me bout his middle school stories at church camp gettin caught listenin to NWA lol. It reminded me of my mom finding my hidden Eminem cd's and gettin pissed lol... oh what memories

The most insightful part of the conversation was when he gave his thoughts on the hip hop and overall music scene in Nashville. Its just interesting because in addition to me and my overall style of music, there are so many other artists that are not necessarily the same, but in the same category of electronic/hip hop/dance/dj influenced music. And its crazy because Nashville is well on its way to developing a "sound"... a straight up certified hometown genre that the rest of the world associates us with (and NO its not country for all you ignorant people lol). I learned about some great local artists on the come up:

>Speaker Spell, a group of 2 dj's that put on a crazy live show with light animations and graphics, heavily Justice and Daft Punk influenced. I didnt know there was anything like that in Nashville!!!

>N.O.B.O.T.S., a emcee and DJ with a twist... straight up electro-rap, techno dance music. the combination is ridiculous!!

So you already know ive hit em up on myspace about collabos and such. Nashville is def on its way and Im excited because I feel like I am apart of the next big music movement.

So Wick-It def dropped some crazy knowledge. He calls himself an "uncle" to younger kats like myself lol, and Im soakin in every bit of advice he has to offer. I now have even more confidence in my career and my skills as an artist

For those of you who dont know DJ Wick-It The Instigator, definitely check out his myspace link below. He is a local legend in my book.

We will be sharing the stage along with my band Biscuits and Gravy this Saturday April 4th opening up for the Nappy Roots at Exit/In. If you are in the area def come out


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Well... Its come to my attention, that I'm borderline cocky lol. I had a conversation with a few friends today, and humility came up. Immediately I interjected and said it was important, and because I believe its important, thats why I'm humble...

Everybody's faces turned up

No reply

Then came the laughter

LOL....and then began the conversation about how I dont have the most humble of personalities and persona. SO while Im at work this afternoon, Ive really been pondering that. Hell, i thought I was! I NEVER name drop, brag about big shows I have, never gloat in my accomplishments, I dont rub the fact I write, produce, and sing in my own songs, etc etc. I know what cocky ppl act like.

However, I know how really and truly humble people act. And after thinking about it, I guess I'm not the most humble seeming person in the world. Let me explain...

For my entire life, I've always performed, been in front of crowds. When I was freakin 6, I went to D.C. to speak to politicians about the national deficit lol. My parents started me out at public speaking very early. From being an orator I somehow transitioned into music. But even with music, there are always performances, so called "critics" of my song or stage presence. So I've always been used to things like "Good Job" of "I enjoyed your show!" Or "OMG I LOVE YOUR NEW SONG!!" After a 15+ years of that, my thank yous begin to get a little less genuine as you would imagine. Lol im sure there are some people who can relate. And i guess that my face looks less appreciative everytime someone compliments me. In my mind, Im truly thankful, but my face probably looks like

In addition to that, I KNOW im a great artist. I know im a good songwriter. I know I'm an amazing performer. I wouldn't do it if I sucked at it (which is why I dont sing that much live hahaha... im not that great at it). So I'm sure there is an air about me that seems confident and sure about my skill level and ability. But some people misinterpret it as cockiness or overconfident. I walk like im the sh** (apparently). The way I dress, haircut, kicks, all of that. I walk like I'm goin somewhere, i guess. I cant apologize for that. Oh GOD if u knew me in middle school you would probably think I was a loser with no life, which i was haha. So I've come a long way.

I EXPECT certain things in my life. I EXPECT people to like some of the things I do, my performances especially, I work very hard. So thats why it may not be the biggest surprise in the world to me when I get a compliment on something I do. I have standards as an artist especially, because as I grow, as my skill level increases, and as I mature musically, I expect there to be more shows, fans, interviews etc.

HOWEVER, with all that being said, I remain HUMBLED throughout anything and everything in life. I KNOW i have LOTS of room to improve as an artist, as a person, as a boyfriend, as a Christian, etc etc. So there is never an ounce of OVER confidence in me, or cockiness. The fact I'm unsigned and virtually unknown in the music industry and outside of Nashville keeps me humbled and driven. Im proud of the skills God has given me, and I'm confident that I am currently pretty darn good at what I do. But I know I am nowehere NEAR my full potential in any area in life. Im barely tapping the surface. My life will forever be a quest to reach my full potential. So with that in mind, I'll forever be humbled and never have reason to be over confident.

So I just wanted to clarify that. I may not seem like the most humble person, bowing my head at each compliment, giving the most genuine smile with every pat on the back, and looking as sincere as possible when I get off stage... But dont get it twisted, Im grateful for every show I do, every song I finish, every compliment, new myspace fan, etc. Its proof that Im working towards my potential and people are taking notice. But trust me, even if nobody liked my music, I'd still be rockin out to my songs on my iPod lookin crazy with a high top lol.

And for all you haters, stop hating just cuz I have confidence enough to know Im gon be big, rich, and famous soon enough. So I might as well act like it in the meantime. In the words of Three 6 Mafia... "Ever since I can remember, I been poppin my collar"

Watch more Yahoo! Music videos on AOL Video


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is it just me or is alot of hip hop starting to get boring?? It probably is just me... Ive always been the person people cant relate with, the outcast in most groups hahaha. My homeboy Openmic would be pissed at me for sayin this lol but hey, in the words of 3 stacks, "Im just bein honest" But really I think what it is, its that my music likes, influences, and interests are continuously evolving and expanding to more than hip hop.

I was raised on Gospel, contemporary christian, and jazz, so thats my foundation: God and the complexity of melodies, rhythms, chords, and the theory/science of music.

Middle school was when I really got into hip hop, so thats my heart: ill lyricism, heavy beats, and the overall history and impact of rap on african american and all of pop culture.

And when I got to Belmont University, I really got into literally everything else (minus country haha), so thats my evolution: studying and appreciating the art of making a great song in any genre, the the perfection and clarity of good engineering and production, and clever songwriting.

In high school, I was all hip hop.... nothing else. Roots, Talib, Yeezy, Jay, etc etc. My main goal was to bring real hip hop back!!! Nothing more nothing less, I had absolutely no diversity in music, besides my jazz and gospel roots.

When I got to college I really began to appreciate the differences of other genres such as the history, development, and culture of folk, rock, techno, pop, etc etc. The first "diverse" song I did was playing a saxophone solo on a folk song freshman year. Lol it was DIFFERENT but I loved it. And thats how the seed got planted. I havent been in the most "hip hop" atmosphere with me not being at an HBCU and being exposed to so many other genres here. And I'm forever grateful for that.

My sound now has evolved into a reflection of my influences:

Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche
Sri Lankan superstar M.I.A.
UK Electronica singer/producer Calvin Harris

And the list goes on.

So thats why I say hip hop is boring sometimes to me. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE HIP HOP... I AM HIP HOP... Im a PRODUCT of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE. But Im forever on a quest to grow musically, lyrically, spiritually, conceptually, culturally, etc.... and hip hop ALONE no longer satisfies that. And thats why lately Ive been on a search to get my inspirational fix in other places than just rap music. Rap is my home, my heart, my main influence, and my comfort zone in music. I can always depend on hip hop, so its been such a challenge for me to branch outside of that and expand my musical repertoire. As a result, I'm a more well versed, well rounded artist, and able to not only appeal to a wider fan base, but also able to relate with fans of other genres. Ill kick it with somebody in a second and chat it up about Drake's new mixtape, and in the same day discuss with another friend Chromeo's CRAZY Electronica vibe.

Music is the universal language, and Im tryna to be multilingual lol. Im very happy in the direction I'm maturing musically and I'm always open to learn about and check out a great artist. Hit me up if its somebody u think I need to check out, im all ears lol

ANYWAY, its late... and i still aint done any homework..... and the Tyra show is on and its pissin me off, but im too lazy to get the remote...

oh, and if u dont know him, get up on your Sondre Lerche game... dude is ridiculous

Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wutup Yall!!

A nigga is on a HIGH this week!!!

First off, ive still been rockin to my EP non stop, and cant WAIT until the release on APRIL 13TH!! For all my Nashville people, the party is at PEARL FUSION RESTRO at 8 PM!! I'm excited, THE SCI FLY movement is almost HERE!!!

Second, Belmont University held their second annual Music Business awards tonight.... and ya boi WON!! I won for best performance in the Curb Cafe on campus for a birthday party celebration i threw last September. WOOOOO!!! I know its only awards at my university, but this is only beginning! Next step... THE GRAMMYS!!!

And finally, I just got the video footage back from a shoot I did this weekend here on campus of me performing a song from the EP titled "Product Of The Game." Shout out to Lance and his crew for doin a great job, from pickin the location with all the crazy graffiti, and to providing an actual boom box to match my retro swag! I felt like Radio Raheim!! Anyway, yall check it out below. I'm feeling great and optimistic, and I'm cherishing the moment. Its not everyday I feel cocky enough to go head to head with Kanye... but today is one of those days hahaha.

Lance and his crew are just launchin the website, and im the first artist they featured. Its called "Sidewalk Scenes" and showcases artists performing their songs in public at diff places around the city. Check out the site!


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate... hate.... hate.... HAAAATE

Name Droppers.

I dont care who you know. How you know them. For how long. Blah blah blah

Does it make u feel better that u can tell people you are associated with somebody who is on television, on the radio, or used to be famous?


Its not even that crucial. I know people. I have cards, have family friends, associates, mutual acquaintances that are on tv, famous, rich, whatever. Who cares....

Because at the end of the day, I'm still the same ole college student striving to be the next big thing in music

And you? you are still the same lame annoying loser that name drops for social gratification and acceptance.

Get a life



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Friday, March 20, 2009


Ok.... I freakin love M.I.A. (shout out to ash and merrrr!)

There is no secret about it. I got on her music kinda late (as usual...) but hey, i jumped on the MIA bandwagon quick as heck when a friend of mine showed me her myspace right after her sophomore album KALA dropped.


For real... INSANE

I literally had never heard that sound. The mix of heavy synth,808s and crazy drum/bass patterns, weird off pitch vocals, and ridiculously panned fx, were all complimeneted perfectly by her 80's retro swag and political radicalism

Despite the obvious banger "Paper Planes" my favorite M.I.A. tracks are "XR2" and "World Town". I enjoy studying production and especially how vocals and tracks are mixed, effects used, etc etc. And when I listen to her songs, My mind goes CRAZY! Its an overload. So im currently at work googlin HARD to find the producers of those tracks cuz thats who I need to be takin notes from! This is inspiration on another level

I just got thru readin on Wikipedia about a DJ, songwriter, producer name Diplo thats had his hand in advancing this style of music. He co-produced "Paper Planes" and "XR2" and also dated M.I.A. Im definitely bout to get on that hunt to hear more of his stuff

Its artists like M.I.A. that remind me why I fell in love with music in the first place. Great artists, musicians, producers, writers, engineers, etc have so much to offer and it shows in their music. I encourage everybody to not get too comfortable in one genre or simply Billboard's top 40. Branch out... hell u might just learn something...

and maybe even be inspired

Anyway, today is Friday, I'm almost off work and thru for the day, and ive been bumpin M.I.A.'s "World Town" alll day. Life is great

World Town - M.I.A.


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I go thru Lil Wayne phases, I'll bump him hard for like a month non stop

Then I'll get really sick of him...

Then he'll come out with another crazy track that'll make me put him back in heavy rotation....

Well... Wayne just got put back into my heavy rotation

My dude Robb Lazenby let me hear this new Lil Wayne track earlier this week... OMG it hit so haaarrrddd, the hook is ridiculous. "We like her, and we like her too, We like her...and she likes us too. I wish i could ---- every girl in the world." Hahaha thats like, every niggaz anthem... Every males anthem, to be real. Ladies dont hate me, im just bein real. Im happily in a relationship NOW... however, that song did speak to the more indecisive, player days... when i just appreciated what every different woman had to offer, how different and unique her beauty, attractiveness, strengths and levels of sensitivty were.....

BUT, im gonna get myself in trouble haha, I've moved on to appreciating everything about a single woman and really connecting with just ONE woman on soooo deep of a level that it creates a special bond between the two of us... (love u baby)

But still.... this Wayne track speaks truth lol

The best part of the song besides the hook are the features. Drake kills it (dont even get me started on Drake), Jae Millz-likewise.... and Mack Maine???? MURDERS IT!! This song is crazy. Check it out. Its been circulating around the internet as "Filet Mignon" however I doubt its the name of the track cuz its only one random line Wayne uses in his verse.

Check it out

Filet Mignon - Lil Wayne

If u feeling it, its available to download at this link:

Lil Wayne is STILL that nigga lol... blog on Drake comin sooooon


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm inspired.

I know everyone is gettin tired of the "hip hop is dead" debates. But just to put an end to that madness, its not.

Its evolving. Music is evolving, the economy is evolving. There is no recession in music, great music is released everyday. Theres a problem with the labels, consumers, and what the music industry stands for. In the same way, I dont think there is a full blown recession in the economy. The problems is with the consumers and corporations. People panic, cant handle change, cant handle something different. Companies freak out, people hoard their money, less cash circulates, media blows things out of proportion, and the economy is jolted.

Now back to the music industry. Music is changing. Music reinvents itself, recycles, etc etc. The movement in music overall, from pop to hip hop to country, is shifting. Music consumers cant handle change... labels freak out because the internet makes it harder for them to reach profit margins, consumers overreact, so called "original and real" music lovers blow everything out of proportion.

Its all related. This is just a time of change, the world is an adjustment phase. Once the companies find ways to profit off of consumers again, all will be well. Consumers will feel more comfortable and spend more. We are spoiled in this technological age, and have forgotten how to think for ourselves. Thats why the only relevant new artists in music have launched their own career without the industry. Labels have fallen behind in marketing and using technology to their advantage. Soulja Boy, Charles Hamilton, Cool Kids, whoever, thats all creativity and thinking outside the box. They learned to take advantage of this change and adapt to it.

I relate all of that to myself. Im growing, evolving.... changing and maturing into the artist I was meant to be. My sound, lyrics, influences, they are all narrowing. And as a result, I am more focused. Its funny how everything works together like that. Many of my friends and acquaintances have panicked, they talk about my new style as unfamiliar, not real, different, and they blow things out of proportions. I am a produt of what I listen to, a product of my influences, "product of the game", the hustle, the internet, the people i was raised looking up to, from CEO's to artists. I see the outcome of this situation like that of the economy and the music industry. It will just take a while for you all to catch on. But then when you do (which u will...), everything will be back to normal. So say what u want now, cuz not long from now its gonna all make sense and u will see the big picture. Until then Ima keep doin me


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its 3 am

I have class in 5 hrs

I haven't even checked my syllabus to see if I had homework due

At the same time...

I'm watching Robot Chicken re-runs

And I have a show tonight

I'm more concerned with the show than my possible homework due in 5 hrs

I love college... but classes sure know how to get in the way of life...


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another acquaintance of mine got signed to a major label this weekend.

This happens all the time. The people around me and surroundin me get to that next level in the industry, and I'm left behind yet again.

However, I wait patiently. Never have I been a cocky, conceited person. God always does things in my life to keep me humble. I got a full ride to college, but I never went to class freshman and sophomore year cuz I was so focused on music, SO the school took it away. That was God's reminder for me to still work hard to maintain the blessings I'm given. So after getting my act together the scholarship was re instated and I'll never lose sight of my goal to keep my grades up again.

Thats how it always happens. In spite of the many blessings I'm given, there are still obstacles that remind me not to "take it easy." And thats exactly how I feel when it comes to music. I can never "take it easy." The second I finish writing what I think is my best song ever and the best song on the planet, I turn on MTVU and hear about a new artist that is better than me and I know it. So i never have time to gloat in my accomplishments. I dont understand how people get so cocky. Well, I take that back lol, I can. I find myself gloating sometimes in my seemingly minor accomplshments, like winning an artist showcase here on campus at my university (Belmont) for the second time, opening up for a Kanye West after party, driving to Atlanta to do a show for some major industry people. Times like those I feel "oh yea im on my way." And if anybody ever tries to doubt me as an artist I look at those situations as proof of my nearing fame....

But in reality, Im only the sh** here on Belmont's campus to be real. I have a pretty solid fan base only locally in Nashville. That Kanye West after party did nothing visible for my career as a solo artist. Maybe a few fans and more stats for my performance resume, but thats it. And that show in ATL for the industry ppl, they said a lot of good stuff about my band, but they have yet to follow thru with any of it.

And NOW... that acquaintance of mine that got signed to a major label is at that next level, and I'm left behind once again waiting patiently

I remain humbled. I'm grateful for every show, every new friend request on myspace, every new blog comment (i've only got like 3 in full LOL). And thats proof enough for me to know I'll never be cocky. Its hard pursuing this dream that so many people are pursuing at the same time. However I'm confident I'm gonna make it, and be BIG as hell. But I dont know how and when, and thats what keeps me driven. It could be some random person I hand a cd to, or some random woman standin in the back at one of my shows.

All i know is, when I DO make it, you dont have to worry about me losing my mind and forgettin every obstacle God helped me thru.

But, why lie, I'm gon pop champagne and celebrate everyday! hahaha

In the words of Drake and Trey Songz

"I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, the hoes I suppose. I just wanna be successful."

Successful (feat. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne) - Drake


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I FINALLY finished my EP yall. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the official release date. It's crazy, and I'm not just saying that cuz I wrote and produced the whole thing... im sayin that cuz its HOT lol. Keep checking the blog and my myspace for updates. All i can say is, the world is not ready for this


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

its been a min since I had the chance to blog my heart out, I've been writing alot lately, and trying to finish up my EP... more news to come soon. And besides that Im on spring break, and in lazy mode. I'm always in search of inspiration or things that will motivate me to write more, be more productive etc. And todays inspiration came from a youtube video of clips from one of my bands first shows of the year. It was the sunday before MLK day this year, and it was by far one our best shows since The Legendary Biscuits and Gravy became a band back in Feb 2006. Check it out, we killed that show. My goal is to make the energy level of every show AT LEAST that high!!


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wutup Internet....

I'm bored at work, just contemplating, thinking, reminiscing, and listening to Akon lol. Often times I find myself thinkin back to high school or just back in the day even before middle school and analyzing how much I've changed, my friends, how I think, my goals etc. Its crazy.

The main thing I always come back to is how people grow apart... That still befuddles me (haha a nigga been tryna get up on his vocab). Anyway, Looking back, I've lost so many friends.... or "friends" i should say. Some people you expect that from. It may be a neighborhgood acquaintance you played with growing up but lost touch when you moved, or maybe a classroom buddy you used to hang out with in recess back in the day, but eventually lost touch when you move schools. But some friends you never expect to lose.

So why does that happen? For me, its a lot of my middle school and high school friends that I never thought I'd lost closeness with. These were people I opened up to, I helped them thru situations, and they did the same for me. We laughed together, experienced loss together, darn near cried together sometimes, got pissed off at each other, started beefin, then got cool again. Those types of friends. More like comrades. Yall made life bearable, enjoyable, and helped create some of my craziest memories.

SO WHAT HAPPENED??? I understand that some people are meant to be in our lives only for a season. I believe that God specifically places people in our lives at a given time to help us mature, help us through a trying time or stressful period in life, test our patience to build character, etc etc. But I cant help but to think was there anything I could have done to remain close to that person? Or was it really just not meant to last? Did they contribute to us not having a lasting friendship?

I admit, sometimes I contribute to the ultimate demise of a friendship. I particularly suck at communication, keeping in touch, checkin in with somebody, an occasional call, text, email, facebook message, whatever. HOWEVER, some of yall suck at it too. And distance from a friend will either make you realize how much you miss that person, or make u realize how easily you can forget about that person. And its the latter that gets to me. How could someone I was so close with be so easily forgotten or how could they forget about me so easily?

Another thing I must take into account is college. College changes EVERYBODY. Like for real. College shapes people more into how they will be as adults. For me college was more than maturity, It was an opportunity, another phase in my life, the next level. And it just seems like I outgrew some of those old friendships back before this new phase of life at this new level of maturity. We grew differently and no longer related like we used to.... Maybe it was meant to be, but that doesn't mean that I dont regret losing touch with certain people sometimes

With all that being said, I wouldn't change anything in my life becaue everything happens for a reason. And I'm more than grateful for the friends in my life now. There are just some people I wish I still had the type of relationship to simply call, reminisce, and catch up....

Anyway this long sensitive blog post is for all my former "friends" who Ive lost touch with. This is dedicated to yall. And you know who you are. I'm not gon name people specifically but you know who you are. Yall was my fav people back in the day; and I cant help but look back on our memories occasionally and wonder what happened.

To anybody reading this, cherish your friends now and never take them for granted. And even if you begin to lose touch with them as you both mature and grow apart in life, theres nothing wrong with a phone call or email just to let em know their on your mind.

To all my high school niggaz, middle school homies, church partnaz, etc etc I still got love for yall even tho we dont talk no more.


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Monday, March 2, 2009


I know this post is kinda late, with the Grammys airing the beginning of last month and all... but today I was just thinking about how CRAZY Lil Wayne's career has been. RIDICULOUS. I remember back when I was younger hearing Wayne recklessly "wobble wobble" his way on tracks... and in 8th grade hearin songs like "Shine" with predictable metaphors like "Dog I got cake like everyday my birthday" hahaha. Hey, i thought it was hot then anyway. I didnt really know much about Wayne. I knew he was part of the Hot Boys and Cash Money... but that was about it...

Then, "Go DJ" came out...

Maaaan... that joint was crazy. Wayne became THAT NIGGA! His image, lyrics, everything was ridiculous. I guess it was like his maturity into the game cuz he was on his grown man hustle for real. After that I started payin attention to him. I was kinda late to The Carter, but it quickly grew on me. Metaphors on point, swag on high.... People started takin him seriously as a rapper instead of just that young nigga from the cash money crew from back in the day lol.

But it didnt stop after that.... Then came the Dedication 2 with DJ Drama...

RIDICULOUS!! My senior year of high school i remember that was all anybody talked about... Dedication 2, Dedication 2. It went on to chart! on billboard!! can u believe that?? Its one of the only mixtapes to be a critical and financial success. They sold it on freakin iTunes for cryin out loud, and it was reviewed in Rolling Stones. Wayne went over every popular track at the time and murdered it.... Lyrically wayne was a beast and his flow was at its best. I still wasnt a "fan" tho. Just thought he was better than he used to be...

Then...Carter II was released.

I was officially a Wayne-head hahaha pun intended. "Money on My Mind" "Fireman" "Hustler Music" "Grown Man" the list goes on... I used to bump that album religiously. Wayne had reached a new level of success. I thought he had peaked as an artist with Carter 1, but I was proven wrong. Wayne had really mastered his flow and upped his swag even more. I literally knew almost every word of that album.

After that, Wayne's popularity and celebrity status never quite stopped rising

Mixtape after mixtape, feature after feature, article after article.... you couldn't deny Lil Wayne. even if you didnt like him as an artist, you couldn't help but to admire his ability to remain so relevant in music by flooding, literally flooding, the internet and the radio with remixes, exclusives, just songs out the butt. In 2007 XXL magazine named "The Carter 3" the most anticipated album of 2008, and Rolling Stone named it the #3 most anticipated. And no one could deny it. The anticipation for The Carter 3 was so great its all people talked about. I've never been so excited for an album. I've never had so many talks with people about an album before it even came out. Each interview, mixtape, etc, Wayne was preparing people for the coming of the Carter 3 like it was Jesus or something. And everybody felt the anticipation.

Then, June 10th 2008.... personally I aint wait to buy it. but i still got it... ya feel me? lol i told you i couldnt handle the anticipation!!

1 million sold in a week. Enough said. Lil Wayne had reached superstardom

Personally, I thought the album was overrated and didnt deliver.... at first

Then, when I actually listened to it and stopped bein so negative about it, I loved it. I dont think its a classic, but I do think it definitely delivered on its promise. The album has a lot of anthems that are timeless. "Lollipop" will forever be the perfect club and party starting track. "A Milli"...i dont care what anybody says, that was THE BEST hip hop song of 2008. And arguably one of the best in the decade. Never has a song like that had such an effect on not only fans, listeners, and consumers, but the industry. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY REMIXES THERE WERE OF "A MILLI"?? I dont either, but it was a lot. Its easier to ask who DIDNT do a remix of "a milli" lol. And the genius of the song is really the beat. Bangladesh murdered that track. He was already producing for major acts but that put his name in alot of peoples mouths. The beat was so simple yet catchy, and Wayne's flow just complemented it perfectly. You cant beat that combination. Very few artists have a song with an effect like that.

Then... came the Grammy Awards...

Wayne won freakin FOUR Grammys. He was nominated for EIGHT!!!! Thats crazy. Currently..Mar 2nd 2009, there is no denying Wayne as an artist, fashion icon, etc etc, he is bigger than Hip Hop now. Im sure no one saw this coming. Not even Wayne himself, no matter what drugs he's on.

What's next? Well Carter IV of course, but b4 that... Rebirth. His rock album hahaha. Ima cop it too. "Hot Revolver" is crazy. Im not too much a fan of "Prom Queen" but Im just excited that Wayne now has the creative ability, musical freedom, and audience to do something as "out there" as a rock album. Whether its hot or not, Wayne isn't falling off anytime soon. He keeps reinventing himself and releasing songs; and as a result he remains relevant in music and ultimately pop culture

Here's to you Dwayne Carter lol, keep doin ya thing bruh


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