Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well... I know I'm late. But my partner in crime OPENMIC finally has a blog and has been posting away for this first week haha. So check it out, post a few comments on a couple of things, and follow it for upcoming projects and shows.

Oh, and I HAAAAD to steal this video that Mike posted on his blog.

Its hilariously cute... like a romantic comedy... makes me want to cry and chukle all at the same time just for how amazingly adorable it is. I cant WAIT to get married


(the negro code prohibits any display of emotion without clearly stating the "no homo" disclaimer)



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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Got on Twitter today and realized rapper Fabolous' album Loso's Way came out today. So i got on Imeem and checked out the whole thing while tweeting my thoughts Track by track. so instead of writing some hella professional review, READ MY TWEETS, NIGGA!

listenin to Fabolous' new joint. first track bangin

2nd track is ok. idk how i feel about Fabolous with all these singing hooks. his voice is grittier too. got a clipse vibe like Malice sorta

3rd track... MORE SINGING??? WAIT LOSO IS SINGIN HIMSELF??? a nigga kinda just want some old "go hard" Fabolous to be honest

im not gonna lie... track 3 gets TWO HUGE THUMBS DOWN


track 4 is kinda hot tho. its bearable. why? cuz ryan leslie is a beast. its catchy, fav of the cd so far. "Everything, Everday, Everywhere"


its not bad... its just not what i expected. ok well yea i change my mind. so far this album is mad REGULAR. "Lososway" is the wrong way

i skipped to track 7 (no reason), so far the beat goes kinda hard. drumline and synth horns. nice


wayne is killin the hook! "salute" is the hardest on the CD now. BOUT TIME, LOSO!

rewind to track 6

Oh snap! Jay-Z on this mug! "Money Goes, Honey Stays"

ok. this track is just ok. im guessing he sampled Jay on the hook. Jay has no verse. Im mad. disappointed. BOOOOOO, NIIIIGGGGAAAA

i dont like track 8 already. Im not gonna lie, this album makes me really mad. and i want to listen to my iPod instead of this crap online

all votes for skipping this track?? vote is unanimous. on to track 8.

WAIT!! WAIT!!! JOE BUDDEN JUST KILLED HIS VERSE! but not even he can save this wackness...

"The Fabolous Life" is a pretty smooth track. I kinda dig it. Back to singin hooks tho but its still kinda hot. Nice cruisin track

ok sorry... back to 'Lososway'. where we at? Track 10 "Makin Love"

now this song is SICK!!! they sampled "Brokenhearted" by Brandy, which makes the song automatically dope. and Ne-Yo is murderin the hook!

Loso usin his smooth flow for this one! WOOOOO!! FIIIRRREEE!!! BOUT TIME!!!

I can see this as a single, so far this is the only song on the album i would buy haha straight up

Loso and Ne-Yo collabs are ALWAYS on point tho... i expected nothin less!!

Track 11 "Last Time" with Trey Songz i think. maybe not. Another singin hook. Loso has gone ALL THE WAY r&b haha. another smooth track

i like his flow on this one. another ridin track.

Track 12 "Pachanga" honestly it sounds like he tryna get his Jay Z on. soulful track, rap hook. this is a classic Roc A Fella type joint

however... not feeling it. its just ok. could be better. nice effort. It sorta captures the essence of how i THOUGHT the album might sound

after all it is called 'Loso's Way'. and this album lack gangster. lol i thought it was gon be Carlito references and drug talk or something

and no i dont like this song "Pachanga". next track

Track 13 "Lullaby". honestly i have just lost faith in this album now so I am not even lookin forward to finishin this song out

Next track.

Track 14 "Stay" emotional track. The last third of this album is COMPLETELY diff from the rest. i think Marsha Ambrosius on the hook

song about his father. however, its another Loso attempt at his soul vibe. i just cant get with it.

Next track. sorry.

Last song "I Miss My Love" story selling soulful track. This album is not very cohesive. The last few tracks wer soulful on the NY city tip

Then before the soulful tracks there were 2 sex songs

Then before that it was all his singy r&b/pop rap tracks with overly dont production. I dont get it Loso. i dont get it

Thru with the album. Top 3 tracks "Makin Love", "Last Time", and "The Fabolous Life"

Overall.... 4 out of 10. Im out.
If u havent already, check out the album. What do you think?


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I dont even know where to start....

There are so many things going through my mind... so much to say...

First off, Im just getting back home from Club Limelight downtown Nashville at the Mashville show. Dope show, I killed my 2 songs haha. All the DJ's were ON POINT. And I am declaring for all to read.... DJ Wick-It is the sickest DJ of all time. Dude just has IT


I'm having a mid-year crisis... lol but seriously. Check out my situation

>Im between projects: already released the Sci Fly EP and am currently in the works of starting on the next project.

>Im working at a grocery store... not the ideal life for an aspiring superstar.

>Ive been living back at home with my parents... enuff said

With all that being said, life just doesnt feel at its best right now. And honestly I dont know why. Besides my crappy job, Ive been performing more than ever, have a fairly steady flow of income (to my surprise), traveled to Chicago and even visited New York for the first time, and I have FINALLY begun getting the recognition and respect I have been working for in the city, from local publications and well connected people to DJ's and fellow artists. Not too bad huh??

Its funny what an AMAZING EP can do for an artist...

The thing is tho, my inspiration is GONE. (Sorry Mr. West, its Gone!)

Ive always gone through periods of dry spells and writers block when it comes to music. But it has just never been this BAD. And i have desperately been trying to figure out WWWHHHHYYYY!!!!

I sit in front of my computer, bumping instrumentals, cant think of hooks. Stay up late nights tryna beat my most highly acclaimed song to date... "Product Of The Game". Heck I'm tryna beat out the whole entire EP. But I just cant right now. And i refuse to force songs. I have done a few new songs this summer that are decent, killed a few features for other peoples records... but none of my own that I would put on an album. Maybe a free song or a song I will later rewrite and release. But nothing that I am crazy over.

One thing I can say for sure that may be contributing to my lack of creative inspiration, is the fact that I feel so pressured. I hate to say it, but even though the response to my EP wasnt as GRANDIOSE and MAGNIFICENT as I had hoped, I still have made an incredible amount of buzz with it. Its lasted longer than I thought it would, people are still downloading it consistently, I have even begun to sell hard copies at shows, and the best thing about it is that I constantly meet ppl that I have absolutely no ties to that come across my music in places as far as San Diego, Oklahoma, Texas, the list goes on. So I am very pleased.

But I refuse to rush whats next.

I have concepts, tracks in the works, almost completed instrumentals, half hooks, unfinished rough mixes, etc etc. But nothing promising really. And why? I literally just feel empty.

Now dont get me wrong, I can make a MILLION tracks right now, that are good. I can make a million hot tracks right now with a catchy hook and dope verses with a SICK beat that I make myself. But it wont adequately express my growth as an artist. And if theres one thing i stress in my music, its growth. Im stuck somewhere in between The Sci Fly EP and nowhere. A black hole.

I dont think people really understand how much I put into that little 5 track CD (6 with the intro). It was the hardest Ive ever worked on ANYTHING in my life. Literally. No exaggeration. From the conceptual process, to the writing, production, and recording.... THAT WAS ALL ME---- except for the engineer. THEN you have to take into account the artwork i asked to get done, release party, listening party, promotion and fliers. ME ME ME. I will give credit to those few select people that busted their butt to really help out, but honestly all the people that I just KNEW would lend a helping hand, had nothing to do with the EP until I handed them or sent them a link of the finished copy.

And since then, I HAVE BEEN DRAINED.


Now its just time to give the world more. This next project is gonna be sooooo Crazy. I just dont know where to start. I feel like Kanye after he released 'College Dropout' when he said he wasnt gonna come out with another album if he couldnt beat his last. I am currently trying to figure out what I need to do to get back to that place of ULTIMATE INSPIRATION AND CREATIVITY like I had this time last year. Like I had last semester. What do I need to do? Take another trip outta town? Pray more? Get back in the gym? Smoke weed? Snort cocaine? WHAATTT!!??!?!?

All I know is, I feel like I am slowly dying inside. I have lost the ability to produce my emotions in a song with ease like I used to. I need my inspiration filled to the brim once again. I am not worried that it will not come. I am just impatient. I need it by yesterday lol. Its affecting my mood constantly.

Anyway, I am half asleep, and I dont know what Im talking about anymore. And the last thing Im about to do is proof read this blog, so if it doesnt make sense get over it.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from NY, still on a natural high from the city itslef... and already BIG THINGS are POPPIN!! Lol I got a phone call from my homie Tyzayah the SECOND i touchdown in Nashville and he tells me about an article in the Nashville Scene about the show im performing at on Friday. He said, "The article has ALOT of good things to say about you.... like... you're the next up in Nashville." OH SNAAAPPPP haha you already know I was excited and RUSHED home to check out the article online. And trust me, it did not disappoint. Heres a little from the article:

Future, rapper for local favorites Biscuits n Gravy, just released the solo EP The Sci Fly, and it's earned a place at the top of our summer jams playlist with its taught mix of electro beats, deft lyricism and pop hooks. With tracks like “Product of the Game”—featuring a fanboy-comes-into-his-own story—the bipolar booty bounce of “Heartbeat” and the soulful, sentimental hip-house of “Grow Old With You,” Future claims a space as one of the city's most innovative and engaging MCs.
Shout out to Sean Maloney for recognizing and acknowledging a nigga talent! I finally feel like the city of Nashville is taking notice like I've always hoped. Now that my city has my back, time to take conquer the world....

ANYWAY, the Scene goes on to say the the show this Friday at Exit/In is the NUMBER 1 SHOW TO BE AT ON FRIDAY!! LETS GET IT!! So in other words, YOU NEED TO BE THERE! The line up is RIDICULOUS. Rapper Ced Hughes is headlining, my homeboys the NOBOTS are in the house. Monster DJ's Wick-It and Kids Meal are puttin it down on the tables. And many more. This show will be EPIC. Check the flier for more info. See you there.

Click here to download a FREE mixtape
featuring songs from every artist performing on Friday


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Friday, July 10, 2009


Its 4 am, and Im wide awake in "the city that never sleeps" enjoying every minute... literally every single minute.... of my first time being in New York city. Im not in the right mood to blog. Im not in the right mindset to adequately put my thoughts and emotions into words yet. Im still soaking the city in. My hotel is right in the middle of Time Square. I couldn't have dreamt of a better trip. I went to Harlem today. Tomorrow the subway rides and borough trips continue. But trust me when I say, this is beginning of a very long term, serious relationship....


Ill fill you all in more on my whereabouts and hilarious stories when I get back to the Ville

New York State of Mind - Billy Joel


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wutup! Im leavin 4 NY this mornin & will be there a wk. Its my 1st time so im hype! Follow my whereabouts on Twitter


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Monday, July 6, 2009

I work at ****** and I hate it.

"Why do you hate it, Harold?"

Good question.

I no longer have a life. I get paid minimum wage (almost).

But the worst of all...

I am no longer inspired.

I cant write lyrics, make beats, I cant even record as much anymore.

I hope everybody at my job reads this, and I get fired out of "sympathy" lol.

In all honesty, this is a humbling experience. I worked on a holiday for the first time in my life this weekend. This was the only 4th of July in my life that I didnt have anything close to grilled food or barbecue. I know God has me here for a reason. I know that this will make me so much more grateful for all of His blessings when I finally start making more money with this talent of music that was imparted in me. This is only temporary. So excuse my complaining. I just need to vent for the time being. I don't even need to wonder if anybody can relate because I know every underground artists or college going career-pursuer endures the same type situation. Whether it be a Nursing major/part-time waitress or a grocery bagging rapper named Future, this is nothing new. So I remain thankful because its only a matter of time before I'm laughing about all of this on Oprah hahaha (shout out to my nigga Stedman!)

So... in the meantime, Goodnight. Another 8 and a half hr shift tomorrow. But thankfully I fly to NY on Tuesday!! So, I do get a break soon.

Paper or plastic

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