Friday, December 25, 2009

My boy Chance Warhol from the NOBOTS released the artwork for his album Japanese Lunchbox: A Love Story today comin out Feb. 13th, 2010.

Its DOPE! I told him this picture really speaks 1000 words! He let me preview some of the album and its CRAZY. Its definitely something new and progressive not even just for Nashville, but all music. Im glad he let me feature on it and be apart of it! Our track together is sick. Im lookin forward to the release tho, and on 2/12/2010 Ill be right in the front gettin hype and showin my support!

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody!


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Download my free Christmas song "Mistletoe Madness" I produced and recorded last year. Mixed by Gordon Droitcour. Happy Holidays everybody from me and the Sir Lazenby Family! This really is the greatest time of year and I hope everyone can spend it with the ones they love.

Im bout to chow down on this delicious meal with my family!


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Monday, December 21, 2009


I cant lie... I'm a huge Cash Money, Young Money fan. Not as huge as my homie Elizabeth McClanahan hahaha (ON BLAST), but still, a fan nonetheless. Weezy still reigns the games hottest rapper, and Drake isn't far behind. So all Birdman has to do is flaunt his roster and he's good. LOL

ANYWAY, the Young Money album dropped today and I've been looking forward to it just to see how it would be. Albums with full "crews" or complete label rosters are always interesting haha. I always think of Diddy's Da Band and that compilation album by The Inc (Murder Inc used to be that crew! Irv, Ja, Ashanti, Charlie Baltimore, Vita!). So after listenin to the album I felt that it was blog worthy (well, really its Christmas break and Im bored). Here are my thoughts about the album:

Structure wise, Lil Wayne is auto tuning on pretty much every hook. Its not really a good or bad thing anymore. Its just accepted. A new song with Wayne? He'll probably have auto tune on his voice lol.

Mack Maine in my opinion OWNED the album. I wasnt expectin him to go harder than anybody. I can say that Mack's verse on "Got Money" on 'Tha Carter III' made me lose alotta faith in him LOL. "Whooooosh" For real my nigga?? Anyway he definitely shined on his verses startin with the first song "Gooder". "Stuntin on dem hoes it aint me its the money fault/ still make it rain get struck by a money bolt"

I noticed there was shortage of Drake and Nicki Minaj on the album. But thats understandable I guess since they are the two most popular members. I mean Drake has murdered songs with Kanye, Timbaland, Eminem, the list goes on. And Minaj is comin up fast in the game, having already collabed with Yo Gotti, Gucci, and Robin Thicke. So needless to say i would have enjoyed more Minaj and Drizzy. But then again, I dont think Im alone on that....

Theres a singer Chanel thats signed to Young Money that i SWEAR i never heard of. She was uuuum... random. The only singer. I think they could have taken points from Da Band on this one and incorporated her more like Da Band incorporated Sarah. How bout puttin Chanel on a few more hooks and takin Wayne off a few??? Actually... on second thought, nah. I dont like her voice much anyway. She just a singer. Nothing special to be honest. Plus she was only on 2 songs. Definitely RANDOM

The kid Lil Chuckee?? He sound older than Wayne LOL

15 year old rapper Lil Twist?? DOPE!!! Since he young and already spittin heat, he has more potential than a few of the other members of Young Money. I been a fan of his since that song "The Leak" he did with big brother Weezy. FIRE. And he only had TWO verses on the album. The song "Girl I Got You" was cool but then Lil Chuckee killed it for me haha

Oh and random sidenote just for the record. The rapper Tyga be spittin FIRE, but i just dont necessarily like him! Idk y i just dont. And Jae Millz???!?! That nigga needs to disappear. I remember bumpin his song "No, No, No" back in 10TH GRADE and he still aint made it.

The best song hands down is still "Every Girl". I dont even think Wayne himself could outdo that song this year. It just would been better for the Young Money crew if they hadn't waited so long to drop the album after that song came out.

Overall, on a scale from WACK to DOPE, I rate it DECENT. Lol bout 7 out of 10 stars. I gotta give props to Lil Wayne for making Young Money the hottest crew in rap. But thats really thanks to him, Wayne, and Minaj. And like I was saying earlier, the Young Money album is primarily everybody else BUT them.... sooooo u get what im tryna say??? Lol


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A verse from a song on Me and Lazenby's upcoming project in 2010:

My parents still struggle man I swear I hate to see it
So I hustle for this money so my kids'll never need it
Lower class nigga how them whities used to treat him
But an 8-figure mogul, bruh I'm bout to be it
So I sit in the back of class, schemin how to make this cash
Just so I aint never gotta buy another bus pass
At last, my cup runneth over
Discussing investments with my stock broker
People ask 'When you gon get a track with Hova ?"
Please bruh, Im tryna get an interview on Oprah
They say I'm a dreamer but its more than what I hope for
Cuz I set goals and I grind hard to work for em

Im no punch-line rapper, but I speak what's on my mind and what moves me. It just sucks yall cant hear these lyrics with the song yet. Dang I would hate to have to wait to hear my new stuff LOL

Anyway, enough with that. Yall just get ready for that NEW NEW comin in 2010. #superstarstatus


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Big Homie Sean Maloney came thru for me again with another good write up in the Nashville Scene, this time about the Overnight Mixtape Series. But I gotta give a SPECIAL shoutout to Steve Haruch that hooked me up with a dope PICTURE in the scene!! I took the photos at the Scene office bout a week and a half ago and they had me jumpin on a trampoline with a boombox and everything! But it turned out sooooo good....

Check out what Sean Maloney wrote about the Overnight Mixtapes
If there was one local hip-hop artist who dominated our iPod this year it would have to be Future—the megabytes of The Overnight Mixtape series were mega-tight. Releasing six mixtapes in as many weeks is no small feat, and maintaining the high level of quality is nothing short of miraculous—and we're reminded of this every time we hit "shuffle" and a Future-fied take on the day's top hits pops up every other track. And you gotta love an artist who will stay home on his 21st birthday to keep us knee-deep in fresh tunes.


Lol yall pick up this weeks issue of the Nashville Scene. I must warn you though, my high top looks incredibly sexy in high resolution glossy photos!! BEWARE! Lol thanks to the Scene once again for showin me love in my city. 6-1-5 til i die

Click here to read the full article, but really get an issue. Its the only way u can capture my complete GLOSSY GREATNESS (no homo...)


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok. So, this time last year, I'm not gonna lie, I was on rapper Charles Hamilton's nuts a lil too hard. I first heard about him after he was literally on every single hip hop blog site that I frequent. On top of that, he was one of the XXL magazines freshman class of 2009, along with Wale, Kid Cudi, B.O.B., Asher Roth, Cory Gunz, Ace Hood (?? thats wut i said), and a bunch other people (but no Drake...). Mind you now, this was before Wale was as big as he is now, Kid Cudi's "Day-N-Nite" wasn't a huge single yet, and Asher Roth was probably the most popular at the time with "I Love College" BOOOOOOO.

ANYWAY i got curious one day started lookin into Charles Hamilton more and was immedaitely intrigued by his SONIC THE HEDGEHOG OBSESSION! First off, JERK! Because i SWEAR to yall I was trying to make an entire mixtape using music from the Sonic videogames, only to find out that Hamilton had an entire 7 mixtape series with a Sonic theme. So, after hatin on him for a few hrs and bein pissed at myself for waiting so long, I downloaded all of his mixtapes.

My reaction? DOPENESS. I kinda overexagerrated a lil when i told OPENMIC that he was already one of my favorite emcees ALREADY, but the fact is I was impressed, I was a fan, and I usually dont care too much for new artists. Im at the point now where I dont listen to any artist that I cant learn from creatively, musically, and lyrically. I am in need of constant inspiration because I write and record so much. So to me, Charles Hamilton was the new crack. Not all of his songs were just OFF THA CHAIN to me, but out of 7 mixtapes, I was bound to find 20 or so BANGERS. Not to mention, the nigga was doin quite well even with airplay and video play for an up and commer. His song "Brooklyn Girls" was a really clever song that I thoroughly enjoyed and I was too hype when I saw it on the BET's 106 & Park countdown (as if I knew the nigga or sumthin lol)

But thats the thing, i thought that I kinda understood and related with Charles Hamilton. Dude was weeeiiirrrdd. I mean he is weird, with his obession for the color pink, Sonic The Hedgehog, and lava lamps. But at the end of the day, you culdnt deny his hustle. He was making moves, staying relevant, and had the songs to prove it. I read an article stating that he often slept in the studio, woke up and recorded, and did this regularly. He produced and sung a little as well, and yall know thats just like me all day. So I definitely was reppin that nigga hard as the NEXT UP.

Well.... time passed and that nigga just got ... well... LAME. And anybody that knows me, knows my kryptonite is lame people. That nigga got punched by a girl, admitted in an article that he doesn't shower alot, and even LOST a beef to Soulja Boy (who happens to be his labelmate). None of that is a good look. I've never typically been the person to let scandal ruin the music for me (Kanye is my favorite artist no matter what he does), however Charles Hamilton just fell off TOO hard. And that aint even cool. His weirdness worked for him at first, but for u to pull off bein weird, u still gotta be hella cool at everything else.... And he lost his cool factor, which only left the WEIRD

Complex Magazine did an article on Charles Hamilton's top career fails and its a quite insightful and honest article. Anybody familiar with Charles Hamilton will read it and say... "Dang... thats so truee... He effed up..." LOL

Click here to check out the article

So fast forward to the present day, a year after bein introduced to Charles Hamilton. Wale just dropped a DOPE album. Kid Cudi is undoubtedly at the top of XXL's freshman class, and Drake, who wasnt even mentioned as a freshman, has one of the most anticipated albums in rap now. But Charles Hamilton??? not one of that niggaz songs is on my iPod lol. #imjustsayintho...


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Friday, December 4, 2009

My boy OPENMIC and I were tweetin at like 4 am last night and I saw him talkin bout copping Chip Tha Rippers new mixtape just becuz of how fresh the concept and artwork was. I only heard one of Chip's songs, "T.G.I.F." on one of Cudi's mixtapes, but I was already a fan just after that verse. Then he told me to look at his blog to see it so i did and he was right. I had to IMMEDIATELY download it just cuz the cover art and concept was so sick!!!

DOPE, RIGHT?! Good lookin on this one Mike. So i downloaded it like 5 am while I was typin this paper for my marketing class and started listenin to it. At 1st, I admit I was like... I dont know... Sumthi bout his voice threw me off. Lol its like a real chill flow with Kid Cudi and Kanye Influence. And when I let my boy Sir Lazenby hear one of the tracks he said it was a Devin The Dude feel to it as well. Nonetheless.... its sick. Another reason why Im ALWAYS steppin my game up.

The tape was released on the 1st, but theres a release party in Chicago tomorrow with Chuck Inglish and a few other ppl. Dang.... I wuld flew down for that. Real talk. I got a lil saved up lol. I can splurge a lil. But i got a full weekend. haha (im bein serious tho... it aint nuthin for a nigga to get a roundtrip to and from Midway, ya feeeel me!?)

Anyway, cop the mixtape NOW if u like great hip hop, relevant hip hop, fresh hip hop. I'm definitely a true fan of his now. Kudos my nigga. Concept, artwork, music and all. Features Curren$y, Big Sean, and more

Click Here to download Chip Tha Ripper's 'The Cleveland Show'

And enjoy my fav track from the tape, "Movie"

Movie - Chip Tha Ripper


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