Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I watched this movie in my Spanish class Monday and today called Manolita Gafotas (Manolita Four eyes) about a young Spanish kid's family and summer vacation. It was hilarious!!!!!!! Ive only seen one other foreign film in full. All i regret was the fact i had to read the subtitles and couldnt follow the Spanish. One of the main songs in the film stood out to me so I looked it up. Its called "Campanera" and its performed by this Spanish child star Joselita. Take a look at the video below, and if you're curious enough, check out the movie Manolito Gafotas!

Anyway I gotta ruuuuun. I got a show tonight with my band Biscuits and Gravy at MTSU. We are opening up for GZA from Wu-Tang, sounds like its gonna be dope. Just wanted to put yall up on some Spanish classics haha


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Am I a Soulja Boy fan?

To be quite frank, Im a fan of anybody successful at what they do. That includes Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and whatever other rappers people try to give alotta crap to cuz its not "hip hop" lol. Shutup and go back to whistlin they songs, u just mad cuz u hear em so much haha. As far as im concerned, I wouldnt mind being the object of disgust for how outplayed or stupidly catchy my songs are lol. Feel free to disagree, to each his own.

ANYWAY, me and my nigga Wes was watchin a re-airing of the 2009 BET Awards cuz i never saw it and it just happened to be on. Overall it was whack. BET makes everything look like crap hahaha even if its good. (the American Music Awards are only one step above that....) However, the CRUNKEST moment of the whole thing (besides Joe Budden's and Eminem's freestyle), was Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and Shawty Lo doin "Gucci Bandana", with Shawty Lo especially all Gucci-ed out, from his boots to his umbrella! You say ridiculous? I say DOPENESS! That was the HARDEST moment of the whole program and me and Wes was TOOO hype hahahaha. You cant tell a nigga NOTHING when he come out on stage Gucci-ed out! TOOOO HARD! Like i said, think what u want, but as for me, Im bout to watch this video again!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


My FAVORITEST show in the WORLD is Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. Yup thats the full title... just like A Pimp Named Slickback, A Tribe Called Quest, and All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. LOL

I became familiar with the show just from watching Adult Swim so religiously. I used to catch it at the most random times like Tuesdays at 11 or after midnight. So after more than a year of catching these HILARIOUS 11 min episodes, i decided to buy the first 3 seasons last month. YESSIIIRRR

The show's creators and main characters Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are masters at "awkward comedy", in which they spoof random moments and scenarios in real life to highlight the absurdity. For example, watch this video of Tim and Eric made along with Zach Galifianakis (from the Hangover) for Absolut Vodka:

Yea.. they REALLY made this for Absolut Vodka LOL

Just like most comedy styles, u either like it or u dont. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, however, is something you either EXTREMELY LOVE or ABHOR. And in case u dnt know me, im an on a preschool-2nd grade comedy level. I laugh at the STUPIDEST stuff, and i firmly believe this show was created JUST to meet my personal comedy likings. Crap jokes, vomiting, RANDOMNESS and STUPIDITY hahahaha

Im currently writing an 8 page paper on the show for my writing class, and I must say Ive never enjoyed a paper so much. The rough draft is due tomorrow, and Im just starting, but thats not the point.... I just had to shed some light on my FAVORITEST SHOW EVER. I hope to one day work with them or atleast meet em. If u aint watched it, give it a try. If its not ur thing, u must be normal or sumthing.... LAME

Anyway, back to this paper...


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I saw this on tv one night last week in PCB and just HAAAD to post it


Yall have a safe St. Pats tonight!

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"All The Way Turnt Up"'

Hate to say it... but that song pretty much sums up Spring Break 2010 in Panama City Beach with the homies last week. We went hard for 9 days straight and it brought a whole new meaning to bein on TEEEEENNNN lol. The beach was dope, the jacuzzis was off the chain, the ppl was hype, and ya boi was the center of attention everywhere i went as always hahahaha. Hate on the high top if u want but no one will eeevvveeerrrr fooorrrggeeeettt iiitttt..... That being said, shout out to all the new ppl i met and all the ppl that met me and i will never remember LOL. Shout out to Jumper from Michigan and his crew. Shout out to Fuzzy, TK, and DJ Paul (no relation) from kentucky, east TN or suuuuum place KUNTRY like that LOL. I had a blast. Happy to be back and EXCITED to get back to work on me and Lazenby's new project..... CANT WAIT YALL but they tellin me i gotta keep my mouth shut and I aint opposed to it haha. Anyway dont be mad at me for posting fewer blogs cuz its just HARD to find time to fill yall in when stuff KEEPS HAPPENIN! Besides that though its been the same ole same ole, procrastinating and slackin in school and avoiding any situations that will waste my precious and lucrative time. Just bein real...


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