Friday, July 16, 2010

YO! Its been a minute, but im finally back in Bogota after a week in the Amazon fighting off mosquitos, screaming at tarantulas, and REFUSING to go sleep in the jungle with Robb, Grady, and the film crew (i am NOT kidding, i was not about to go with them lol). Anyway, check out my new photo album on facebook. Heres the link:

And heres a few photos from the album

Next stop is the beach in Gorgona!!! Flight leaves tomorrow. We fly back to Houston in 11 or so days. Im so ready to come back to the US and i miss home!


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


YO! Im back to blogging again finally. I been doin it BIG with Lazenby and Grady here in Colombia. So far we've been to Manizales, Ibague, Los Nevados National Park, and now we're back in Bogota, our home base basically. With the exception of Los Nevados (how many days can u REALLY stand to be in the mountains??) everything else has been CRAZY! I LOVE COLOMBIA! Everyone thats been here told me i would, and its just undeniable. The landscape is gorgeous. Ive seen everything from snow cap mountains in the Andes, to partyin at local clubs more poppin than ANY parties in the US! These people know how to paaaarrrtttaaayyy. Hell, yesterday was a holiday and they closed off the main streets for people to ride bikes, jog, and rollerskate... WHHAAATTT?? DOPENESS!! Just the cultural differences are enough to make me appreciate the heck out of this country.

Me and Lazenby balled out at the Adidas store here in Bogota yesterday cuz apparently Adidas is the STUFF here. So u already know we gotta stunt everywhere we go, South America being no exception at all haha. And after looking like CRAP in the mountains for four days without internet and ties to CIVILIZATION, it was time to get back on it. We copped some eexxxtrraa dope jackets that just adds to the list of reason why we turning heads here lol. FRRREEESSHHH

ANYWAY, for the friends, fans, and haters, Im writing more than ever, thinking more than ever, grinding harder than ever. Me and the whole fam. Lazenby and Grady too. This was exactly what we needed this summer. And i cant wait for everyone, including myself, to see how this experience is reflected in our next project and future endeavors.

More importantly is the connections we are all making in the country. Since Dad Lazenby and Brandon Fokken are so well connected here, we are definitely taking advantage of this to the fullest. Also Ive gained more of a WORLD mentality... meaning just thinking outside the box, outside just america. This bein my first time out the country, Im just now seeing first hand the differences and similarities in tastes in music, fashion, etc. Its interesting to listen to what from America is huge here, what artists ppl know, what brands and labels are the most popular. Like Adidas! I cant stand Adidas! but after being here and seeing the EXCLUSIVES that they prolly only sell outside of America for the most part, it really gave me a new found respect for it. The Nike store SUCKED lolol. Oh and the Black Eyed Peas (of course), Eminem, and 50 Cent are all big here. Alotta ppl i talked to didnt even know Kanye West lol. INTERESTING. Point? Forget JUST America, me Lazenby and Grady goin GLOBAL, baby. This was all i needed to see to get me to think even BIGGER

Being here is also making me grateful for my life. Ive seen alot of poverty. I keep forgetting its a third world country. Alot of times we are in nicer areas or downtown or secluded from areas of extreme poverty, but its hard to miss. From volunteering at a foster home with kids last week to seeing poor street vendors hustling is just crazy. Ive been so fortunate. My entire family has been.

I gotta get outta here tho, we goin to the Amazon in a few days so hopefully thats when Ill get some time to upload more pics and vids. I got a ton. Shout out to my nigga Flip HD!! LOL miss all my ppl back in the US. My family, my baby Henna, and all my people! Holla at yall later


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