Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SESAC always shows me love

For more info about other acts, wristsbands, times, venues, etc, go to


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Friday, September 25, 2009

I thought i told ya that we wont stop, i thought i told ya that we wont stop....


The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 4 is a milestone for us because we were able to get some freakin legit drops from GLC of Good Music and The King of the Trill, Bun B. That really set the tone of the tape. Me, Sir Lazenby, and Grady keep finding ways to step it up. And this week we have raised the bar once again. The recording process was shorter than ever, however the mixing took longer than expected because we all got a lil toooo cocky and took naps after we finished recording vocals at 6 am haha. I actually went to work and class, but Grady and Lazenby overslept. So the tape is still bein released late in the afternoon as usual.

Guest features this week are legendary. Simple. Straight to the point. Yet legendary. 615 reppers to the fullest. Of course the hometown hero OPENMIC, and FINALLY the only other rappers besides Mike in Nashville that I mess with, The N.O.B.O.T.S. YEA! Chance and Ducko came by the infamous Lazenby Lab and did what they do best. Well, we all did what we do best. Special shout out to Evan P. Donohue who came thru to grace the mixtape with stories about his lego building childhood lol

Overall, this is EASILY the best Overnight Mixtape yet. Vol 4 is the new classic. And i do not say that lightly. Spread the word. Actually I dont care what you do. We've already made it

Click here to download The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 4


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Monday, September 21, 2009


Just heard from my rep Justin from SESAC that THE SCI FLY EP has been nominated for the BEST URBAN RECORDING OF THE YEAR by the NASHVILLE MUSIC AWARDS!

So PLEASE vote now at and help support ya boi! Spread the word! I WANNA WIN!! haha

First, Belmont Awards
Then, Nashville Awards
Next stop..... THE GRAMMYS!!


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Friday, September 18, 2009


3 weeks into it, and me, Sir Lazenby, and Grady Woodruff have successfully released a overnight classic every week. Vol 3 is here ppl. Yesterday was my 21st birthday... and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it than in the studio with the illest team the world has ever seen...

The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 3 begans so epic. Me and Sir Lazenby have not just arrived, but have taken the throne. This is no longer a game. All these tapes are is discouragement to any competition because they will NEVER match our work ethic, our grind, our mentality. We are superstars

The only feature on this tape is by DC rapper and Belmont student Miss B who MURDERS a track with me. Its def a highlight.

Anyway, cop it right now, forward it to your friends, put it on your iPod, and breathe all 12 tracks.... until next week that is

The grind never stops

Click here to download the The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 3

OMG...wait til yall hear next week's...


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm FINALLY 21. To some of yall, I'm younger than u thought. To others I'm gettin old. Lol but the reality of it all is that I dont really have time to focus on it. I'm not where I want to be in life yet. Im only beginning to get there. So while yall go out out for your birthdays and celebrate and drink, go crazy, whatever... I, on the other hand, am about to hit the studio. Vol. 3 of the Overnight Mixtape coming tomorrow. I had a meeting at a publishing company again today. I talked to this lady Elaine from the Lexus dealership again about a few cars I might be interested in. I'm still in grind mode. And i stop for nothing. Not even the overhyped, overrated, 21st bday lol. So no cake or party just yet. Im thinkin much bigger than that. I want my life to be a non stop party. And I am more than willing to sacrifice a liquor run tonight for it.

The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 3 drops tomorrow.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you haven't heard yet, prolly for your lameness or social irrelevance, Jay-Z himself is coming to NASHVILLE, TN. MY CITY. 615! Vanderbilt University

I never quite gave yall my official opinion of The Blueprint 3.... Well, its classic. Hands down. Only song I cant stand to listen to is the Kid Cudi joint. Mad boring. But besides that, Jay did it again. And it different, its fresh, its current, and relevant. Jay is a beast at that. Stayin relevant. Not to mention, the whole live concert on Fuse last Friday on Sept 11th was a GENIUS idea. Ppl were already singin the words to the album, and all the guests on the album made appearances just like in Fade To Black.

So with that being said, I have already set my money aside to buy the best freakin tickets available the MOMENT they go on sale. Hov is def in my top 5. But yes i know, he's in your top 5 too. Thats why Jay-Z is what he is. He is not only vital to Hip Hop but all popular music and culture. Jay is and has been the official spokesperson for Hip Hop to the world. What is Hip Hop? Look at Jay. And you know thats the truth. I'm sure everybody goes thru periods where Hov gets dropped from their top spot, but he always does somethin to reassume his position.

I FINALLY have the opportunity to see him live. Dream come true. Well... actually, dream is the collab. But this shall do.... for now anyway lol


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Monday, September 14, 2009



In other news, I am walkin thru life with a permanent high. I feel like a pot head, except I have a never ending supply of this... this life, my life, this inspiration, the emotion i feel. Everything is coming together, my dreams, some things unexpected, but most things are happening just like I prayed for and just like I envisioned. Sir Lazenby has done a great job at really helping me mentally PICTURE myself in the life I want, but the fact that stuff is happening like it is makes it so much easier. And the best part about all of this, is that its STILL the BEGINNING. I have so much to look forward to...

I know im being really general, but it'll all make sense soon enough. But in the meantime, feel free to question the air of super stardom that follows me haha. More people are finally starting to take notice and catch wind of the vision... and while most would say BOUT TIME, i know its PERFECT TIME. Because its all MEANT to happen just like this. Dang, I can't wait til I write my autobiography...

This is the song I wake up to every morning... This is the life. This is my anthem
Click here to download


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Friday, September 11, 2009


SOOOO.... me, Sir Lazenby, and Grady Woodruff did it again...

A whole entire mixtape done overnight... for a second week in a row

I have not slept since Wednesday night hahaha but im SO high off life.

I must say, we have outdone not only ourselves on this tape, but we outdid Vol. 1....

Also, this time we had some ALL STAR features. First off shoutout to the AMAZINGLY gifted and gorgeous Skye Parrish who MURDERS the song.... well its a surprise, just download the mixtape!

And BIIIG ups to my partner in crime OPENMIC who practically MADE the tape... OMG. The freestyles are legendary. And not just in a "oh thats tight my nigga" kinda way, but a CAREER DEFINING way. Me and Mike NEVER did give and go freestyles back to back like we did on a number of tracks, and i finally have PROOF of why my team reigns supreeeeeeme. Try and test us...

Overall, I am now in BEAST MODE. I haven't slept in over 24 hrs, but the buzz off life will not subside. Is that even correct grammar? Lol i dont know. Im so tired that I'm numb lol and I have a performance tonight... LETS GET IT!!

DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE NOW! Be apart of history. This really is something EPIC.

Click here to download the OVERNIGHT MIXTAPE, VOL. 2


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Just got thru watchin the movie Hook for the second time in 2 days.... and if you don't know yet... that is my absolute FAVORITE movie. The Star Wars and Matrix Trilogies trail closely behind. But I must say, nothing is more inspiring than a routine viewing of Hook LOL. Seriously. Just watch it and tell me you dont INSTANTLY feel like you can fly (????) EXACTLY.

Hahaha in recent news, I went to a dealership today with Sir Lazenby to check out and test drive some Lexus cars. Yeeessssiiiirrr. All you haters must soon bow down, if not already. Project: GET A LEXUS is well underway lol. Plus in the words of my nigga Wes, a Lexus would be the ULTIMATE self bday gift!

I met up with some respected artists friends of mine today who are on the come up as well just to talk business, goals, life, everything. And its definitely SO CRUCIAL to surround yourself with people that CHALLENGE you, INSPIRE you, and MOTIVATE you. That is what my team does for me (shout out to Sir Lazenby, Biscuits and Gravy, and Openmic), and that is what I hope I can do for them. As long as i surround myself with hungry people, I'll never lose my appetite for more. Quote of the day, niggaz....

ANYWAY, im startin to get back into my regular blogging routine now. The school year is taking off well so far. Im doin homework as i type (sorta). I'm also gettin together concepts for the next Overnight Mixtape. Can't wait. The response for the last one was CRAZY! And i know its only gonna get bigger

Heres to a productive week


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Friday, September 4, 2009

So, me, Robb "Sir" Lazenby, and Grady Woodruff had a genius idea to record a whole mixtape over night.... so we did it lol. That simple. Started recording a lil after midnight, set up a buncha instrumentals in pro tools, got the goldfish snacks handy, and I just started freestylin to a buncha tracks! And the end product is CRAZY!!! So cop the Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 1 NOW! We are gonna do this quite often and this is only the beginning. Yall cant NEVER say a nigga aint grindin!!!

Oh, and FYI, the mixtape is dedicated to Diddy cuz he tweeted Sir Lazenby at 4:06 am! THE LEGEND AND MOGUL HIMSELF TWEETED SIR LAZENBY!!! What a crazy night!!!!


More to come....


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