Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bags packed. Fresh haircut. A few new fits. Time to hit the road. I'm leavin Nashville yall. On the road as we speak. Doin alotta thinkin cuz there's just so much to get done in 2 months. But at the same time, I know this summer will exceed every expectation. In August when I return to the 615 after livin it up in Vegas, filming in Colombia, and recording in Houston, I will all be a new man. This will def be a summer Grady, the Sir and I will never forget

In all cheesiness, let the journey continue lol. But in all realness, I REALLY have an excuse now to NOT answer phone calls and texts hahahahahaha jk jk jk hit me up yall. But I still aint figured out nothing about international calling cards, skype, or whatever lol so we will have to reevaluate the communication in South America

For the most recent updates on my whereabouts this summer, check my twitter


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hated the song when I first heard it, just like errbody else

Then my homeboy Sir William the Thoughtful from The Music Stoop suggested i watch the video b4 i knock it

Sure enough he was right....

Judge for yourself

Drake - Find Your Love from October's Very Own on Vimeo.


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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I listen to this song every time I need inspiration.

But not the R. Kelly version....

the William Hung version.



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Monday, May 3, 2010

So, apparently theres been some major flooding going on around Nashville and in alot of Tennessee. But the few times Ive been outside this past weekend, i havent seen anything like the horrific floating cars and trailers on I-24 i saw on the news and all over twitter.... instead just a few puddles of rain outside my apartment and a pretty pathetic looking sky. Nevertheless, this has allowed me to catch up on rest from crazy crazy crazy last week.

During my lazy weekend, Ive been spending alot of time tending to my high top. Yup. Sometimes life gets so crazy I no longer have time just stare at it in the mirror for hours like I used to. Next month will be me and my high top fade's 2 year anniversary together. SOOOO i just thought I'd take yall through a then and now of me and my hated, loved, envied, worshipped, ridiculed, but never-forgotten FLAT TOP

2 summers ago, an angel came to me in a dream and said,

"Its time, my son......


So the next morning I went to the barbershop, and asked for the hair cut that would change my life...

For the longest, I had to get used to people laughing at me everywhere I went

But not before long, I soon figured out that as long as I rocked it with confidence, no one could really say much

However, I was a broke Kroger employee so I couldnt afford getting my high top edged up every week like i needed to

So i started looking ROUGH

But a trip to LA with the Lazenbys was all it took for me to see the importance of the high top being treated like luxury

Finally people started taking notice of my amazing hair.

Thats cuz now I never leave the house with my hair lookin anything short of this....

Pure FLAT TOP perfection.




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