Wednesday, October 28, 2009





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Friday, October 23, 2009




I promise you, me, Sir Lazenby, and Grady have fully redeemed ourselves for the UNRELEASED and WACK mixtape last week hahaha. (remember Lazenby's disclaimer message???)

Well.... WE'RE BACK! The Overnight family is back in full effect, back in grind mode, back to making hits and overnight classics. Once again, we have provided the soundtrack to your weekend. Special guests this time include one of my FAVORITE writers, singers, and just overall favorite PEOPLE: the amazing Ya Za. From the ATL to Nashville, we hit it off the second I met her at one of my shows at The Rutledge and I been tryna get her on one of the Ovenights for atleast 3 weeks now. And we FINALLY collabed on a DOPE track. Its def one of the highlights of Overnight 6

Overall, me, Grady, and Sir Lazenby are soooo pleased with Vol. 6, which now represents more than just another Overnight Mixtape, but a comeback, and a RECLAIMING OF OUR THRONE as the hardest grinders in this game



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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I know, for the past few months I've been suckin on keepin yall posted thru the blog, but IM BAAAAAACK. We'll see how long my constant posting will last lol.

ANYWAY, i have alot to fill you in on. Perfromance, Overnight Mixtape 6, school, etc. so heeeeerreee we go


Actually the flier has an error, doors open at 9, show starts at 10. I'll go on late like round midnight. Be nice if you stick around, wont hate on you if you dont lol. So bring a friend. OPENMIC will be rockin the stage with me, and we always put it down live so no question thatll the show will be hype as usual.

Ok, now for Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 6... after last weeks disappointment, IM SO EXCITED CUZ WE ARE BACK! Ive been writing my butt off in preparation for the HUGEST MIXTAPE COMEBACK IN RAP HISTORY! Hahaha so seriously, just get ready... thats all ima say. Me, Grady, and Sir Lazenby are hungrier than ever. So just know that we are BRINGIN IT tomorrow night after my show. Overnight 6 is goin down in HISTORY!

FINALLY, yall know I always got drama at school... I always got drama either with my professors or the Admissions, Financial Aid folk, whatever... Well, the most recent drama is some lady, who shall not be named, tellin me how to spend my free time! I know Im graduating, I know I will get my degree... eventually. Im not concerned about that. But my PRIORITY is making sure I grind hard enuff while im here to ensure that the second I walk across that stage, I will already be walking into the world a financially stable man in my career. Im finna be huge. Famous. Large. Everything. Im not there yet. So I have work to do. And ill be DARNED (lol) if ANYBODY tell me I need to focus more on my studies to make better grades...

TRICK, last time I checked yall took me off scholarship and replaced it with loans, so please lemme do me. Straight up, she told me I need to spend less time on the music cuz its not so important now. Woman please. This IS my life. School is easy. School is nothing. Then she said "Im an academic role model. people pay attention to the grades I make." ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?! i have NEVER got off stage after performing and had a fan ask me what is my GPA.... RETARD. I aint never cared what anybody thought of me. Sometimes I might take it personal for a few seconds, maybe a full minute. Sometimes an hr if it stings. But after that whatever haha. So why in the hell wuld I care what a nigga gotta say about my GPA???

She called me to her office and tried to chew me out over some grades. Biggest waste of my time. Lemme get this straight, the school has taken me off scholarship, then she wanna take it upon herself to follow my academic progress??? For what? I dont hear u tryna offer me any money. However publishing companies are. Sooooo... Music wins. THIS IS MY LIFE.

She suggested I drop a class I wasnt doin to well in. Thats cool. But THEN she tried to SUGGEST what I should do with my free time after I drop the class...

"...and then have the extra time to focus on your other classes (notice I did not say to use the extra time to focus on music)"


I replied with some professional yet straightforward email

"Well I appreciate the help, but I think I have the situation figured out now after talking with [my teacher] over the past few days and again today in depth. And as far as free time, I believe there is never a better idea than to devote more time to my passion and career."

Look, I hope she reads this. I hope she calls me back in her office to "talk".

I just think my university drama is funny cuz they gon be askin me for money and donations and to come speak and perform for the students when I make it big. Watch. And what Ima do? Throw em a few million and show em what my below average grade point average did for me.

ANYWAY, im at work lol. Show tomorrow. Mixtape Friday. I rock.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

DJ Bateman and Yung and Ugly are puttin on a DOPE Hip Hop show tonight in Nashville tonight at The End. I been waiting for a HIP HOP show to kill some of my new songs live haha, and hopefully this will make up for the mixtape catastrophe last night (!!).

Other performances include my local favorites NOBOTS and DJ Wick It, as well as Todd 1ne, Vikings, and Evervigilant. DOPENESS

For more info visit the Facebook event invite

And check out these dope fliers that DJ Bateman did!


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Urgent Message from Sir Lazenby:

On behalf of the Sir Lazenby Overnight Family,

We regret to inform you that there will be not be a release of The Overnight Mixtape Vol, 6. The art of crafting a mixtape within a twenty four hour time frame is always an overwhelming challenge and most of the time we feel that we live up to the task....however this week we feel that we did not deliver at all. In order to preserve the tradition of releasing epic/quality mixtapes, we refuse to release a mixtape with such poor energy and relevance. By saying this, we are only going to release one track off of this week's recording session. We apologize, but please understand this was a wake up call to the WHOLE family. Please stay tuned in for next week's release of The Overnight Mixtape Vol, 6, as we promise that it will deliver nothing but perfection. The fact that we even have to write letter angers us all, however we are certain that next week's mixtape will be our finest installment yet of the Overnight Mixtape series.

Download the track "Kickin' It"

It pains us to do this, however, all I have to say is.... get ready for Vol. 6 ppl... get ready...


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

This video right here is a THROWBACK! Its a eeeexxxtttrrraaaa bootleg video I made for the intro off of my FIRST MIXTAPE! Im not even gonna add the link cuz i dont necessarily want everybody downloadin it cuz i wasnt as dope as i am now obviously haha. And from the video you can tell i wasnt as cool lookin as I am now LOL. For real tho laugh at it please. I encourage it.

You can download the Clean Cut Mixtape, Vol. 1 on the discography list to the left of this post

Ill post a blog tomorrow just to update you on Next Big Nashville, the Nashville Music Awards, life, and upcoming shows!

Also, click here to subscribe to my youtube page!


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Monday, October 5, 2009

So, I really think I created a new sound. I've never heard anybody rap over Dubstep music.... at least like this. These are two songs off The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 5 and I really think this is a good direction for me as an artist. What you think?? I want feedback.

Shouts to DJs Caspa and Rusko... collab soon? lol


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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Overnight Mixtape Series has become more a movement now than anything. I look forward to it every Thursday night, headin over to Sir Lazenby's apartment, Grady firing up Pro Tools, and us goin at it for literally the ENTIRE night and all of Friday. Usually we dont even get adequate rest until Saturday or Sunday night because... well... ITS THE WEEKEND. And we're NEVER too tired to pass on good weekend plans haha. I dont care how many mixtapes we do...

ANYWAY, Here it is. Vol. 5

I would say no introduction is necessary, but actually it is. Because Vol. 5 marks a new higher standard we have raised our music to. This mixtape is dedicated to DJ Screw and I must say I think we did him proud.

The genius of the Vol. 5 tho is the amount that we experimented on my sound and just with track selection. We tried alotta new stuff and as usual, it turned out dope. I always find out something new about myself every mixtape, whether it be a style of flow I didnt know I had or just sometine HUUUGE like.... ok look.... I dont wanna give the shock factor of the mixtape away. Make your own opinion. DOWNLOAD IT NOW

Features Miss B and my girlfriend Henna Jurca (ay my baby flow is RIDICULOUS)

We are definitely on some other stuff..... We are much bigger than our download numbers say. And its bout time we started gettin recognition for it. So bow down. Suck these. (lol jk but it sounded cool to say at the end)



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