Sunday, February 28, 2010


Heres a scenario we all know:

So the party's tonight. Its gonna be poppin. You just know it. And the crew is comin over to your spot before hand for some pre party buffoonery. Drinks are ready, more on the way, and u made the itunes playlist yesterday to get crunk to (aka take shots to lol). Hell, you even made a mix cd for the ride there.

Before you know it, its the next day and u got a mammoth sized headache, and texts conversations with ppl u dont even remember hahaha, but the AWESOMENESS of the night before still lingers in the odor on ur breath and whatever fuzzy memories that ur brain manages to recall.


To be honest, this weekend was (technically) the first time in 2010 that I indulged in nightlife activities, and me and the fam really lived it up. I've been so wrapped up in the creative and recording process for the new project that I had been COMPLETELY neglecting my social life. I dont really mind at all, I could care less. However, lately Ive just been TOO reclusive.. after all im tryna spread myself thin, not DISAPPEAR! So of course it was non other than Sir Lazenby that got me and Henna out to the club for a change

So shout out to Daysha, Colin, the Woodruff Bros and Lazenby once again for an amazing time Friday night at Varsity Grille. Shout out to DJ Hawaii who convinced me to get on the mic a few times to hype the crowd up haha (#superstatus). And thanks to everybody there that was showing ya boi so much love the entire night. I needed that encouragement. Its an amazing feeling to be embraced like that after not being out for so long. I cant wait for yall to hear my new stuff cuz Ive been workin sooooo hard on it and its soooooo gooood.

In a way, this weekend was one big pre game for spring break. Oh i didnt tell yall? well for the first time EVER (!!!), im doin sumthin for SB.... Ill be goin to Panama City Beach for all the madness that Ive always heard of hahaha. Im too hype, the fams gonna be with me of course, and I already know the whole week we all gon be on teeeennn!!!

(photos courtesy of Daysha McGrath, peep her dope blog!


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i HATE homework. Teachers should ask ME what interests ME, and then test me on that. Ive overslept the past two days. And even though it has been refreshing to get some extra sleep, it wasnt planned and i missed 2 tests and a few important classes so its not as great as it sounds haha.

So here I am attempting to do hw. TV on mute, headphones on full blast bumpin old Maroon 5. I have to do this assignment for English about an old childrens book of my choice and what i learned or something like that. First off, why the hell would I have a childrens book? Second, why would I go thru the trouble of getting one? Definitely NOT worth the effort. I was thinking bout Curious George or Harold and the Purple Crayon, but I cant find either one free online. So now im back to square one.... thinking about doing hw but not actually doing it.

School is the most retarded, stupid, pointless, necessary, maturing, rewarding thing ever. And I say that from a general standpoint. College isnt for everybody, but education, growth, maturity, and experience is. And thats what college is for most people. Unfortunately, this being my 4th (and NOT final) year at Belmont, I just have the worst attitude towards college now. Ive been here forever, and I feel like Ive gained alot from it, but dont necessarily have alot to show for it. And one thing Im NOT afraid to admit, is that Im all about appearances haha. Lets be real. Im waiting for the SECOND i can march into the financial aid and admissions offices here at my university after my first huge success from music just to say NA NA NA BOOO BOOO I PROVED YALL WRONG! I DONT NEED YALL!! I GOT RICH WITHOUT YALL HELP!!! But the truth is any success I have attained thus far is in part due to my university days...

College was my first and is still my primary fan base. And most importantly, college allows me to focus even MORE on music than I would be able to if i dropped out. (Ya boy aint got no major bills yet!) College is my excuse, alibi, and justification for the life i live: late nights, crazy parties, intense studio sessions, u name it. Its oookkk... cuz im in college haha. And I realize that being here buys me time to put in the necessary sacrifices to ensure that i NEVER have to be worried about a job after graduation.

So I write ALL THAT to say, Im in school for a reason... And i think its time i did my hw for the night lol


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