Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pixar has done it again....

UP is the freakin dopest movie I've seen in a minute. I dont think Pixar has had a bad movie yet. Since Toy Story they have created a reputation of making movies with great story lines and their innovative computer graphics, which get even better each film.

I just saw the midnight film at the Opry Mills theater in 3D! It was CRAZY! My only complaint was that I wish I saw it in IMAX on the HUGE screen. But oh well..

If you havent seen it, go now.

Thank you, and Goodnight


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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Check out this new song I did wit my boy Telemitry from the DJ duo Speakerspell I've blogged about a few times. He produced this track and its KILLER! We are both hype about it and are tryna spread the track all over the internet thru blogs and such. Download it here for free, and let me know what you think! This is really the direction I wanna take my music in after The Sci Fly EP.  The name of the song is "Get Up". I WANT COMMENTS, PEOPLE!!


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Alot of ppl been askin questions bout my band The Legendary Biscuits and Gravy. For those that arent familiar with them, they are the reason I've have a name for myself in Nashville period and have the opportunities forwarded to me that I do now.

Seems like for a while now we have been on hiatus. There is no other way to look at it. Our buzz has sorta died down, we dont even have a CD, EP or anything to show for, and even our local popularity is beginning to fade.

Why??? Well its a long story. But despite everything that has happend, i still remain so optimistic in my bands future. My solo stuff is always something I can go as far as I choose and venture and do whatever, but BAG is my heart

Just a quick history of my band>>>

Back in high school, beginning late Sophomore year, i started takin my music more serious and started recording and doin small shows like churches or school events. Then I started interning at Rocketown my senior year, but my solo stuff never did quite take off like I wanted to. I started my first band "Improv, Lyrics, and Life" with some friends at my high school. After a few talent shows wins and church performances tho, the group broke up. My second band tho, started with just me and some friends on keys messing around at my internship at Rocketown after school. And what started out as just something to kill time, became The Legendary Biscuits and Gravy.

We went from Rocketown open mic nights for metro students, quickly to Cafe Coco monthly open mic events makin $200+ a night off tips. It was crazy. Even though this may seem like nothing, it was alot for me to take in. Cuz as a teen i used to think the hardest thing was gettin a show at a local venue for a semi-packed crowed just to hear my songs. And all of a sudden, me and my friends were the new buzz and talk of the town. Young kids from ages 12-17 playin everything from jazz and old school r&b to hip hop and funk. And people were eatin it up.

In the few months since we started we went from playin lil old Kijiji's (remember that place on Jefferson St lol) to Cafe Coco, then to Gibson Showcase for a local television taping. Everybody locally was showing us love. The Tennesean, all the local music papers. It was crazy. People were blowin our myspace up, tryna book us for weddings, banquets, everything u could think of. I swear we were freakin local celebrities! "Arent u in that band Biscuits and Gravy?? Yea I saw yall in the paper!" It was crazy!!

As great as it was tho, it was happening way too fast for us to comprehend. Our buzz was growing faster than we were maturing mentally and even musically. In all honesty we were a glorified Jam band. And we could play the hell out of covers. But besides that, our overall musicality and my lyricism werent advancing enough to meet the demands of the bigger audiences we were being exposed to. A year after BAG started, we had already played every major local venue twice over, but maybe only had 3 or 4 new songs to add to our catalog.

The funny thing about BAG is that we go thru phases. All of that was phase 1. From 2006 to the end of 2007. We went on a Lovenoise tour in a couple of surrounding states in the summer of 2007. It seemed like things were really taking off, but they werent. I dont think thats anyones fault, but I can speak for the whole band and say we started takin opportunities like tours and being so well known locally for granted after a while. We expected a certain level of recognition but yet didnt put in work to keep it or advance that recognition. So what happened was, we got stuck. Stuck in Nashville. Stuck in out mindsets of us EXPECTING to get signed or something, but not really working towards it like we should have.

So it depressed us.

It slowed down our progress even more. Practices were canceled more often. I started focusin on my solo stuff more than the band cuz it was just at a weird stage. I needed to be on stage more and we werent performing as much as we used to. More priorities were taking place of the band, which is necessary, but there should have been a better balance. I was in my freshman yr of college by then and I started flunking. A few other members did too. So our buzz sort of staled off

2008 began phase 2 for BAG. This was the transitional phase. We were all a lil older and could really look at things in perspective and see mistakes we made and what we could have done better to get the band where we all wanted to be, which was to a label or some opportunity to launch us regionally, nationally, internationally, etc etc. The shows kept coming, we stayed meeting key people, execs, producers, we always do big name shows, or open up for big artist. But the difference this time around, is that we realize those shows really dont amount to as much as we used to think. Who cares we opened up at a Kanye West after party, who cares we did the Nappy Roots show, Jazzy Jeff, met this person, that person, etc. What my band members and I have learned from the past 3 yrs in the band is the way the industry works, and its more complicated than we thought. I remember when we met Kanye we were just so positive that if he heard a SECOND of us playing he would sign us immediately. LOL well he was there when we played, but he didnt pay any attention hahaha.

In the same vein, an industry person can tell us a million things and get all our hopes up about what he or she will do for us and how big we'll be, but in the end dont follow thru with any of it. So it has taught us to not be satisfied for doin a big show or meeting a industry exec or somebody famous. Its just another notch on our belts. But we have learned to have tough skin. Thats the main thing. No matter what, keep improving, keep practicing, keep writing, keep perfecting our craft. Cuz even when we do get signed, its just another chapter in our careers. There is never a reason to be content and settle with our current skill level or popularity.

So this begins phase 3, which I believe begins this week. The band is on the verge of a HUGE comeback. New songs, new image, new level of hype, overall new mindset. And Im soooo excited to see where this phase leads us, because Im confident we are headed in the right direction. So look out for us yall, we are bout to hit yall SOOOOO FREAKIN HAARRRRDDD!!!!!

For real... the world is not ready!!!

My Band - D12


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its almost 2 AM and im chatting on facebook. Came across this on a friends profile status. HILARIOUS

Keenan Thompson as Lebron, David Alan Grier as Kobe. CLASSIC


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Its memorial day, niggaz. Leave ur computers, eat alot, chill wit fam, and enjoy life.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009



First lemme back up.... I LOVE THE BLACK EYED PEAS!

But Id be a FOOOOL to not realize the WILL.I.AM is the GENIUS behind them. (and so would you)

BEP have always ruled the pop charts whenever they drop anything, from "Where is the Love" and "Lets Get It Started" to "Humps" and now "Boom Boom Pow". Anybody hatin on "Boom Boom Pow" or the Black Eyed Peas PERIOD can kill themselves lol.

Just a tid bit of info: BEP only had mild commercial success when they added Fergie in 2003 after releasing their first 2 albums.

ANYWAY im gettin off subject. This blog post is dedicated to BEP's new single "Imma Be" OMG if u havent heard it yet, this song is RIDICULOUS!!! Will.I.Am is really on to something with this new album and the group is getting better than ever. The whole dance and European influence on pop music is really shaping the industry today, from Britney Spears to Flo-Rida. But I still believe that BEP are ahead of the craze with their new stuff.

So check out their next single "Imma Be". Is it just me? Or is this song really the sh**!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Black Eyed Peas-"Imma Be" (Mediafire Link)

If you feelin it, definitely download it from iTunes. Support em yall... even tho they are freakin rich and I need the money more...

And back to Will.I.Am.... dude is a beast. Yall know he co wrote John Legend's smash "Ordinary People"? Or how bout his project with cuban jazz great Sergio Mendes??? And you already know his pop stuff is off the chain!! So, when i get signed, when is start meetin all these famous industry kats and artists.... the top 3 folk i will be PRAYIN to work with, are

1) Kanye... duh
2) M.I.A O.F. C.O.U.R.S.E. and
3) Will freakin I freakin AM. We are gonna collab on something big


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let me just get my "no homo" out the way, because...

I love Eminem

Let it be known, dude is ridiculous. Has been and always will be, especially after his album "Relapse" that dropped last week. Omg. Ive listenend to it 3 times from beginning to end.

I didnt realize how much the game misses and needs Em til I heard the album. His flow just gets more ridiculous. His lyrics just get more sick and controversial. And Dre will always supply the heat when it comes to his beats. Thats a no brainer.

The album was soooo dope, I had to go back and listen to all of Em's old stuff today. Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, and I have yet to get to The Eminem Show and Encore, but trust that Im workin on it.

I must however admit that I had forgotten how good and impactful of an artist Shady was not just on me but pop culture as a whole. Listenin back on his first two records today brought back ALOT of memories. I remember bein on punishement when my mom found my copy of his CD LOL! I remember the blatant disregard for the bluntness and pure EVIL GENIUS of his lyrics. I remember the media outlash and everything, new stories, ban attempts, etc. Shady is a beast. I was scared for a second that this new album after so many years of his absence would bring a different more mature shady. And well it did. More maturely sick!! HAHA! I LOVE IT!

And for all you people still trupping about his lyrical content and whatever else, grow up. The beauty of being an artist is possessing the absolute freedom of expression and creativity. Whether it be a photographer doing borderline pornography and calling it fine art, or Eminem rapping about his step father raping him, its a right AND luxury for ANY and EVERY artist so express themselves in whatever way they feel. And since the very first record Eminem released, he has stayed true to that.

Ill never talk about any of the things he does but I can surely admire it and definitely respect it.

But all controversy aside... Eminem is back. He dropped an album and put everything else to shame in my opinion. His flow is what makes him such an amazing artist to me. The way he rides the bass and snare and keeps the same metric pattern in his flow. Not to mention his wordplay is ridiculous, he bounces off syllables like a trampoline. His choruses are forever catchy and his vocal stacks

Ok lemme get off his nuts... But still, I gotta give props where props are due....

Fav Tracks:
3 A.M.
My Mom
Same Song and Dance
Crack A Bottle

Hell... the whole dang album

Thanks for comin back, Em

Insane - Eminem


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Wutup yall.... first off, I got CHEWED OUT today by sheee who shall not be named concerning my sucky and inconsistent blog posting lol hahaha but it was all in love. A nigga be slippin sometimes! I have so much to say and alot of times i cant even find the time to sit down and simply write how i feel. But the best thing is knowing that people actually read my thoughts haha. Whether it be just my girlfriend, christie, melissa, and a few other people, Im thankful for everyone who takes time out to simply read the crap i type LOL

With that being said...

Hello Kids. Todays blog topic is something I've been wanting to talk about for a while. Me being an artist/ producer/ singer/ songrwiter, im always on a quest to be inspired and influenced. I say this all the time but its soooo real, im a product of my influences. People who hear my music can obviously make Kanye comparisons first off (which I cant seem to get away from, but dont mind lol), 80's influence (also quite obvious... high top hair/high top kicks lol), and a buncha other styles and etc.

When it comes to music tho, I of course base my opinion of a song by the overall track itself, lyrics, beat, artist voice, relevance, a whole bunch of things. But the songs that TRULY stand out to me and make an impact on me are the songs that give me chills.

Idk... its hard to describe. Maybe im alone on this. But some songs are just so amazing that my skin crawls, hair stands, and pupils dilate. Its really eerie, yet amazing

A couple years back I was having an AIM conversation with an acquaintance who should have been a good a friend of mine (u know those people who u click with and expect to become great friends with but never really get around to it??) LOL I was telling her how much it sucked that music didnt have the same powerful and emotional effect as the pureness and sincerity of poetry. But she quickly corrected me and asked "Have you ever heard a song so amazing that it moved you to tears?" It was so simple but so profound. Even tho i have never just broke out in tears from a song, there are those songs that make me so emotional I cant help but to feel chills...

So where am i going with this??

Thats the kind of music I strive to make. Music that is not only good, but ensues and incites such a level of emotions in listeners that it gives them the craziest feeling. Whether the emotion be love, or the urge to get so hype they cant help but to jump! Idk.. i think i may be losing you all on this post, but oh well. Sometimes I cant type or explain things to adequately relay what is on my mind. But oh well, as long as I try

Anyway, im sleepy. and all these twilight zone episodes are really starting to freak me out...




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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saturday was one of the best, if not the best, solo performances of my LIFE

Lol excuse the over-excitement but i cant help but to sit in this desk chair and reminisce on the show for a sec....








Ah yeeeeaaaaaaa. It was that great haha

To truly even halfway understand how I feel, you have to realize Im used to performing with a full band. Whether it be with my amazing band The Legendary Biscuits and Gravy or just my solo band The Freshness League, performing with a live band is soooo much easier. People, whether musically inclined or not, are more drawn into band performances just for the different elements of the overall show. The diff instruments, everybody on stage rockin, the overall showmanship of the entire band is what can easily capture people. The audience is able to focus on sooo much more than just the lead singer, which allows their attention to be on the act for even longer.

But solo????

Omg thats a diff story.

Me, a microphone, and my beats, either with a CD player or an iPod...

Its a very intimidating experience, the crowd is depending solely on me for entertainment for my entire set. Very rarely will an audience member be intrigued by an artist performance for their backing music alone....

My last few shows have been completely by myself because my CLEAN CUT partner Openmic has been really busy, and since the semester ended its harder for me to get my solo band together for practices. So I have tried to get DJ's for the past couple of shows.... NO LUCK. Which brought me back to square one... an iPod lol.

First off, before Saturday, I DESPISED performing alone.

But Saturday night was magical, Initially, I was gonna have someone else DJ the material but it fell thru in the last moment. But LO AND BEHOLD, the DJ-ing duo, SPEAKERSPELL came to my rescue and agreed to play the tracks during my set. Which was a miracle because I would have looked dumb changing my songs with an iPod especially at an event of that caliber. And it all worked out perfect because I had been tryna hook up with them since I found out about them a couple months ago. YESSSIIIRRR

Oh yea Im getting ahead of myself... The show was a concert/fashion show at Mercy Lounge called "Naked Without Us" so there was a runway and models coming out on each artists set. The headline act was Lord T & Eloise. Other performances included Used Computers and Born Empty, who KILLED IT btw... that was the first time I had seen them. Their set was hyyypppeeee

I opened my set up with my self acclaimed classic "Family Matters" haha. The models came out and im not gonna lie, it took me a lil second to adjust and actually look cool, rap, and interact with the models all at the same time hahaha. But by the end of the song i was a certified "RIP THE RUNWAY" pro lol.

After that I performed my entire 5 track EP in order (my first time doing so live). This was the first time I did the entire SCI FLY EP from beginning to end, and it was apparently, the ride of each audience member's LIFE (not really, buuuut really)...

"Product Of The Game" is a hit in my opinion. Its more than a hit, its an anthem. People adore that song. It so real, the track is hot, the flow compliments it perfectly, but the chorus is what makes people fall in love with it

Forgive me if I dream too big and stunt in this life I live/ But baby I'm just a product of the game
Forgive my designer clothes and my materialistic flows/ But baby I'm just a product of the game

The song is honest and unapologetic. I live by those lyrics.

I then went into the club banger of the EP, "Girls Like". And ohhhhh myyyy did the ladies loooooove this! Its SOOOO catchy! I love when I see ladies in the audience sayin every word of the chorus as if it wasnt their first time hearing the song. Even the fellas were gettin hype, whether it was for me or the ladies, who cares...

And the perfect thing about it is, the models, unexpectedly, modeled to this song. They came out on the runway, We interacted, I even danced a lil with some playfully to the audiences liking. It was crazy cuz by now I could tell I had fully engaged the crowd, and the house was PACKED

Ive never performed "Cleaning Out My Hard Drive" live (well technically I have, but no one was at that show so lets just say I didnt...) mainly because there is more emphasis on the lyrics in the verses to really get the metaphor of the song, and Its hard for people to make out all my words in certain venues sometimes, but I went ahead and did it, and didnt know what type of reaction to expect from them, but to my surprise people were laughin at the lyrics and singin along with the chorus by the end of the song! GO FIGURE!

"Heartbeat".... hahaha you either LOVE this song or u dont pay attention to it. Haha thats apparently what Ive been able to gather from people's opinions of it. But live??? EVERYBODY jumps. this song is a RAVE ANTHEM! LOL I love this record and I have NEVER failed to make people in the crowd JUMP with me when the chorus hits. It never fails! College parties, venue shows, drunk people, kids, everyone gets hype with me on this song. And Saturday, the whole runway was surrounded by people jumping up and down screamin at the top of their lungs... "COME ON, GIIIRRRLLL!" When I finally get enough confidence to stage dive and crowd surf... it shall be to this song!

And finally I closed out the show with my techno/dance love ballad "Grow Old With You" which is one of my favorite songs period, but I was reluctant to end with it since the energy level was sooo high on the previous songs. But once I started the song I remembered, "Grow Old" is a crowd favorite. Its something people can relate with, who doesnt want to find that someone you want to grow old and spend the rest of your life with?? People were singing their hearts out... and so was I. On my knees belting like Jodeci, and the crowd was loving every second of it....

The songs ended. I threw the deuces, shouted my website, and left the stage. It was one of those perfect nights...kinda like those cheesy scenes in movies, when the underdog finally rises to the occasion and is met with the long awaited adoration of everyone. Yeeeeaaaa, it was just like that. Drenched in sweat and unable to talk, I walked off that stage 50 feet tall, as the crowd received me with open arms, crowning me the victor and Lord of the stage that night LOL hahahahah ok i quit, but you get what Im sayin...

So, in recap, things i learned from Saturdays show
1. I CAN rock a stage solo w/o a band and still KILL it
2. I look really good when models surround me
3. And finally my EP is a freaking masterpiece. Is this me being cocky? Why yes it is.


In all seriousness tho, Ive never even gotten crowd reaction like that WITH a band. And Ive been even more hype on other shows so I know its not a matter of my energy level. Its song selection. And THE SCI FLY EP is just a 5 song documentation of where Im at musically, emotionally, and spiritually in my life right now. And apparently alot of people are on the saaaame exact page. People have been lookin for something like this, someone like me, and each show I realize that more and more.

With that being said, I feel like Ive in part accomplished what I wanted to do with the EP. All i need now is for the rest of the world to catch on...


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So, im OFFICIALLY outta school for the summer. No more exams. No more teachers. No more study groups with nasty flip flop wearing crusty feet people (ill leave it at that)

Well... for the next few months anyway

So now begins my SUMMER GRINDIN

Studios... performances.... writing sessions... etc etc

IM EXCITED!! Last summer sucked music-wise. I didnt have as much time and i was kinda depressed at life... long story

ANYWAY, this summer is gon be crazy EVEN THO IM BACK AT MY PARENTS HOUSE. But im def gonna make the best of it

My first show of the OFFICIAL summer, is this Thursday. Its a benefit for Project: AK-47, which aims to resuce child soldiers and care for them in their safe homes. My fellow Belmont classmate Ingrid Castioni asked me to perform for their benefit show at The Anchor tomorrow, and I gladly accepted. I believe my music is a gift from God, and Im always eager to use it for the benefitting of his people and his will.

(And they are providing dinner.... sooooo.... im just sayin...)

ANYWAY, its FREE!!! and any donations go towards Project: AK-47

Its gonna be a good show for a good purpose. Def come out and bring your friends.

More summer show updates coming sooooon!!! (because there are ALOT!!!)


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Its 1 am

I need a study break

So i started surfing youtube

And what do i find???



For all my classic christian alternative music lovers, enjoy...


This was my song!

Michael Tait had a freakin high top... and its fresh too lol

Ok back to studying....


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Monday, May 4, 2009

The summer has officially begun... and not the weather... cuz it looks rainy, misty, nasty, and humid outside

and not school, because I still have another exam and a group paper

But the summer jams, movies, and fashion are HERE

First off... the Wolverine flick...


I went to see it at midnight May 1st when it came out at the Green Hills theater. It was packed, nearly sold out, which was to be expected. But NOT TO WORRY... me and my gf got our tickets on FANDAGO just to be sure lol. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a Fandango first. Never have i felt the need to purchase my tickets in advance until now, which is doesnt necessarily work out all the time cuz I had to sit on the FLOOR of the Notorious movie cuz so many people snuck in on opening night even though it was SOLD OUT. NIGGAZ

But anyway, the movie is ridiculous. It was everything I expected and more. The plot was ridiculous and connected alot of dots to the previous films as expected. Plus, Hugh Jackman is the truth. What more can you ask for??? Even from the Black Eyed Peas did his thing on the acting tip. The film literally had me ready to fight, and I havent felt like that since after I saw 300 in the IMAX theater.... OMG

Im not a follower of the comic books so I wont be as critical as them, but for a general lover of the X-Men movie trilogy, this was by far the best in my opinion. The only complaint I have was the special effects. They were pretty awful, surprisingly. Lol and I thought it was just me, but no, they really were lol. At one point in the movie, Wolverines claws looked like a screen shot from a Pixar film or something hahaha.

But then Logan would kill somebody else and I forgave the flaw haha.

THe next big summer blockbuster is the Star Trek movie. Im actually hype about this.

Just some background details...

I HATE STAR TREK!!! Ive always hated it. I grew up dreading the series everytime it came on tv, everytime my dad picked the family blockbuster movie and decided to get one of those retarded confusing movies. The only reason I ever used to even GLANCE at it was because I thought LeVar Burton was the COOLEST black man on the planet when I was like 8. And thats only cuz of Reading Rainbow....but dont take my word for it haha (really tho, i wanted those glasses so bad!)

Im glad they are finally making a Star Trek film that doesnt EXCLUDE audiences, and is actually a new spin on its ANCIENT legacy. Im gonna see it tonight at midnight. Young cast, interesting story-line, old story revisited, and that guy from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.... sounds like the combination for the a Summer Blockbuster!


Zoe Saldana.... Dear God...

Anyway... dope music continues to make its way around the internet, and the best feeling is an artist or band that consistently brings it.

Well, the most recent occurence is the Cool Kids latest mixtape Gone Fishing hosted by the ANNOYING, yet effective, Don Cannon.





But the music features the classic and signature sound of Chuck English and Mikey Rocks, from the heavy kick and low synths of the tracks to the lackadaisical flow that compliments the tracks perfectly. My favorite tracks are "Jumprope" which has single material in my opinion. The chick on the hook is ridiculous. And the "Pennies" remix!!! CRAZEEEEEE!!! Luda and Bun B. What more needs to be said. Download for free. Lemme know what you think.

I have no idea about summer fashion haha... thats for you Melissa... lol I just know its prolly some crazy stuff already on its way cuz of the summer.

Thats all I have to say. My head is killin me. Maybe the adderall is the cause??? Lol, accounting exam down, 1 to go. My accounting teacher told me I would have had an A in her class if i applied myself.... Well, DUH. And then again, that would have been EASYY! But hey, I feel pretty darn good for still passing while never reading a single page out the text book all semester hahaha. Now THATS an accomplishment.


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Friday, May 1, 2009

Other peoples blogs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool.



For real tho, ive seen some AMAZING blogs. And by amazing im not just referring to layout, design, and followers, but mainly post topics, writing style, and just overall DOPENESS.

SO yes. My excuse for not blogging these past few days is the fact Ive just been overwhelmed but so many other AMAZING blogs

I swear, all of this online stuff actually takes skill to manage: Blogs, twitter, youtube, myspace, etc etc. Its hard work to create a following and stay creative and relevant in the forever advancing technological age

Here are some blogs from either friends or acquaintances of mine that I really enjoy. You all should definitely check em out when u get a chance, and follow them if u like what u see. I know I did. I strive to be as cool as them one day (online anyway lol)

Primarily music review blog written by a new friend from Twitter (i know right... the craze finally hit me too). Her writing style is informal yet hella honest and real. Had me readin for a while and catchin up on her old posts!

Blog that focuses on urban fashion and style but also touches upon music occasionally. We are both Chester French fans so thats a PLUS! Hahaha written by a church friend of mine Melissa Watkins. I love the scripture at the top of the blog "Your task is to be true, not popular. (Luke 6:26)" MESSAGE! Lol I def dig her writing style as well. And she is most DEFINITELY up on her fashion. See you in Europe, Melissa!

More blogs to come. Im off to work. Its Friday, and the weather has killed my weekend high already. BOOOOO


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