Monday, May 4, 2009

The summer has officially begun... and not the weather... cuz it looks rainy, misty, nasty, and humid outside

and not school, because I still have another exam and a group paper

But the summer jams, movies, and fashion are HERE

First off... the Wolverine flick...


I went to see it at midnight May 1st when it came out at the Green Hills theater. It was packed, nearly sold out, which was to be expected. But NOT TO WORRY... me and my gf got our tickets on FANDAGO just to be sure lol. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a Fandango first. Never have i felt the need to purchase my tickets in advance until now, which is doesnt necessarily work out all the time cuz I had to sit on the FLOOR of the Notorious movie cuz so many people snuck in on opening night even though it was SOLD OUT. NIGGAZ

But anyway, the movie is ridiculous. It was everything I expected and more. The plot was ridiculous and connected alot of dots to the previous films as expected. Plus, Hugh Jackman is the truth. What more can you ask for??? Even from the Black Eyed Peas did his thing on the acting tip. The film literally had me ready to fight, and I havent felt like that since after I saw 300 in the IMAX theater.... OMG

Im not a follower of the comic books so I wont be as critical as them, but for a general lover of the X-Men movie trilogy, this was by far the best in my opinion. The only complaint I have was the special effects. They were pretty awful, surprisingly. Lol and I thought it was just me, but no, they really were lol. At one point in the movie, Wolverines claws looked like a screen shot from a Pixar film or something hahaha.

But then Logan would kill somebody else and I forgave the flaw haha.

THe next big summer blockbuster is the Star Trek movie. Im actually hype about this.

Just some background details...

I HATE STAR TREK!!! Ive always hated it. I grew up dreading the series everytime it came on tv, everytime my dad picked the family blockbuster movie and decided to get one of those retarded confusing movies. The only reason I ever used to even GLANCE at it was because I thought LeVar Burton was the COOLEST black man on the planet when I was like 8. And thats only cuz of Reading Rainbow....but dont take my word for it haha (really tho, i wanted those glasses so bad!)

Im glad they are finally making a Star Trek film that doesnt EXCLUDE audiences, and is actually a new spin on its ANCIENT legacy. Im gonna see it tonight at midnight. Young cast, interesting story-line, old story revisited, and that guy from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.... sounds like the combination for the a Summer Blockbuster!


Zoe Saldana.... Dear God...

Anyway... dope music continues to make its way around the internet, and the best feeling is an artist or band that consistently brings it.

Well, the most recent occurence is the Cool Kids latest mixtape Gone Fishing hosted by the ANNOYING, yet effective, Don Cannon.





But the music features the classic and signature sound of Chuck English and Mikey Rocks, from the heavy kick and low synths of the tracks to the lackadaisical flow that compliments the tracks perfectly. My favorite tracks are "Jumprope" which has single material in my opinion. The chick on the hook is ridiculous. And the "Pennies" remix!!! CRAZEEEEEE!!! Luda and Bun B. What more needs to be said. Download for free. Lemme know what you think.

I have no idea about summer fashion haha... thats for you Melissa... lol I just know its prolly some crazy stuff already on its way cuz of the summer.

Thats all I have to say. My head is killin me. Maybe the adderall is the cause??? Lol, accounting exam down, 1 to go. My accounting teacher told me I would have had an A in her class if i applied myself.... Well, DUH. And then again, that would have been EASYY! But hey, I feel pretty darn good for still passing while never reading a single page out the text book all semester hahaha. Now THATS an accomplishment.


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