Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yo! My band Biscuits and Gravy's show at Exin/In last night was DOOOPPPEE!!! Everybody in the band killed, and kudos to my boy RJ Walker holding it down on the drums. If you didnt get a chance to make it out, Gretchen Brecht videotaped the entire set and put it on youtube. Preciate it!! So be sure to check it out

Dont forget, come out to Hollywood Disco this Friday night. Its gon be paaaacked, folk gon be intoooxicaatteedd... you know the rest. Me and DJ Wick It both got sets so u know its gonna be a great show. And if you a big money baller like the Sir, and u plan on gettin a few bottles of that nice champagne to impress the girls you invited to join you in the limo, then come out to PhatKaps to see Clipse perform Friday night as well. Tickets are $25 bucks, but its a full meet and greet, in store performance, autographs, and whatever else. Oh yea and me and the NOBOTS are opening for Clipse round 8. Anyway, check the fliers below for more details on both events


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Yo check out this DOPE trailer video for my band Biscuits and Gravy's FREE show tomorrow at Exit/In with Heypenny, Mean Tambourines, and Colourmusic

Parappa The Rapper is SO much cooler than me haha. The song from the video is called "Take Off" and will be on Biscuits and Gravy's EP COMING SOON!! FOR REAL!

I expect to see alotta yall at the show. For all u Belmont students, its after the Battle of The Blvd game tomorrow. Doors open at 8pm, we gon on a lil after 9. And you are mentally challenged if u doubt it will be a PACKED HOUSE.

See you there


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is a list of my upcoming shows for the next few weeks. Im not performing alot in the next few months, so catch me while u can.... literally

Tues Jan 26th @ Exit/In, 8 pm
w/ The Legendary Biscuits & Gravy and other local favorites
Admission: FREE

Fri Jan 29th @ Hollywood Disco, 9 pm
Friday night at Hollywood... can u say packed house?
Admission: $10.00 21+, $15.00 18 up
Free beer from 10-midnight

Wed Feb 3rd @ The End, 8 pm
6 artist showcase- Finally sharing the stage with my girl Ya Za
Admission: $5
This is gonna be a great show, great lineup. And Ima kill it....



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Friday, January 15, 2010

2 weeks into 2010. Spring semester classes have started. The recording and writing process for the next project continues, as well as my on going hibernation period. For those that havent seen me, I have a mini beard now hahaha. It wont get thick like errbody elses haha but this is the thickest its been. I love it tho. I really feel like it matches my mood and my state of mind. Im pretty deep into my creative process and my new and evolved sound. So I just feel the beard compliments it. Sorta like the Kanye Love Lockdown scraggly bear look during the 808s and Heartbreak phase LOL

So i'm still trying to avoid makin appearances in certain places if i can help it. I wouldnt even mind taking all online classes this semester just to cut out having to walk on Belmont's campus and sit in class with everyone else. Shoooot, I wouldnt even mind bein escorted to the studio and back in a limo or a really dark tinted vehicle. I dont wanna see nobody, and I sholl dont want nobody to see me. For example, its Friday, and instead of going out tonight to some highly promoted yet highly questionable party I have nothing to do with and nothing to benefit, Im stayin in and chillin with the people most important to me. Plus, if I really wanna go to a party, Ill just throw a better one with Sir Lazenby, perform at it, AND get paid for it. Ive been learning how to spread myself thin and lay low. That goes for everything from limiting the number of shows I play to even tweeting less.


I really dont wanna be distracted. My new songs have only been shared with a very small group of close and trusted friends. And even that proves to be a little too much sometimes.

My work ethic is not quite in overdrive yet, but its quickly getting there. Ill give it another 2 weeks before I start spending nights in the studio.

Currently tho, I'm happier than Ive ever been. My focus is top notch right now and its allowed me to further perfect every aspect of my songwriting, flow, lyricism, and production. Im so excited about this project and its gonna blow alotta ppl away.

Oh and the LA trip? Ive gotten alotta questions about it. But really, theres nothing I have to say to yall about it. It was crazy, and Ive been on a high from it ever since. It was just a taste of the life I work for, and that was all I needed to successfully motivate me to finish this project by the deadline we have set.

As always I feel truly blessed and favored by God, and Im thankful for the growing talent and potential he's given me. With that being said, I'm bout to blow...


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Friday, January 1, 2010

There is so much going thru my mind.... well actually theres been alotta goin thru my mind this entire holiday season. The next 6 months for me will be the moment of truth concerning my music career. Why? I mean theres no way to really explain it, it just is. I know it.... i feel it. And the one thing that has never failed me is my gut feeling.

So, the past few weeks since school let out for the semester, I've just been, what i call, hibernating. I dont mean Ive been sleeping in a bunch or being lazy, but i really just been in this whole "perfect my craft" mood. (Ideally I wuld have flown to another country and told everybody not to call me haha but its the holidays) So Ive been writing my butt off. Ive been exercising my butt off. Lol. Why? Cuz i have to be ready. Every single aspect of my artistry and image has to get where it needs to be really soon. So, i really aint wanted to see nobody unless it deals with music, and I aint been in the mood to be out really

So when my girlfriend and I went downtown Nashville last night to bring in the New Year with all the other TEN FREAKIN THOUSAND PEOPLE, i cheered, i yelled (the fireworks were dope lol). But in my gut I felt anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time, cuz 2010 is really here. And this year has more significance than I realize yet. I dont know... things like this are hard to blog. Hell, my life is hard to blog, but I have to say this

How did I come to this conclusion about 2010? For once everything in my life is where it needs to be (or pretty darn close). Like the people around me... Robb 'Sir' Lazenby (and Dad Lazenby haha), Grady Woodruff, Henna Jurca, and my publicist Miji are all on the same goal path with me. I finally have that ultimate network of support that encourages, motivates, and challenges me. My TEAM. My own PARENTS are now SET on the fact that this is what Im meant to do. Back in high school my mom wasn't even cool with me goin to a music college lol

In addition to that, theres SO much else goin on. I dont feel like wasting time to explain, because I really just want to DELIVER on it. Like I said this is my hibernation period. Yall just gon have to wait... cuz my plans HAVE to be executed perfectly from here on out.

Thanks to everybody for ur help, support, hate, criticism, tweets, messages, money, etc etc. I just think its funny how I always keep forgetting that God has been guiding my life since before I was born and has been blessing along the way. But lucky for Him he knows whats next lol. Im still waiting. But the good thing is that its sooooo close.

So yea. 2010. I didnt wanna do sum cheesy resolution blog post, because this year is so much more

This is the beginning of the new greatest year of my life...


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