Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YO! Its been a minute. I just cant be creative, take a break from society, AND do this online stuff, u know?

ANYWAY... im at the airport now waiting to board my flight to Bogota, Colombia. This is a trip of FIRSTS. Lets start with this red eye flight. Ive never had a red eye flight. How DOPE is a freakin midnight flight!?!?!? My kinda thing! Early morning crap is overrated.

Its also my FIRST time travelin out the country... i am TOOOO excited. I have no IDEA what to expect. U can watch movies, look at pics and vids, and even talk to the ppl that been there. But my own 5 senses just cant place it. I just dont know that feeling of being in another world , which is really what this kinda is like. Diff culture, language, money.... OH YEA I GOT PESOS, BABY!!! Hahaha for real tho, theres just sooooo much goin thru my head

Oh and this is my FIRST time using a passport and goin thru customs. Apparently the customs part is NOT the bizness, but its all part of the experience. And im def down for the experience. I'll be goin so many places in Colombia. Bogota of course. thats gonna be our home base for the month pretty much. Wonder what the city's gonna be like. I dont care where i am, the idea of a city just sounds so comfortable to me hahaha.
We are also goin to PNN Los Nevados which is on top of the mountains, baby! snow and all!! Hahaha also Parques Naturales Gorgona.... Look... i was gon explain all them and give lil facts and details... but if u havent noticed, its all in spanish and i wanna use up the last bit of my lazy english while i can hahaha

We lining up to board now, so PEACE yall, hopefully i can keep yall posted, but if not just know im in Colombia GETTIN IT IIIIINNNN


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