Friday, August 6, 2010

Just posted a clip on youtube from me and Sir Lazenby's performance at Asociacion Hogar Niños por un Nuevo Planeta, a home for sexually abused children in Bogota, Colombia. Most meaningful show I've ever done.... Ive always had a passion for children, so doing this for them was really like a dream come true for me. To these kids, I was a superstar, a rich celebrity, a rapper from the United States with expensive sunglasses, literally the sickest Nikes they had ever seen, and a blackberry phone hahaha. They didn't speak a lick of english, but they danced to every track and mimicked my hooks the best they could so they could sing along. After my set, Me and Lazenby signed autographs for the kids on torn up notebook paper with pencils and crayons. You could tell it just made their world. One of the kids asked me to show him what kind of phone I had, so I pulled out my berry 9700, and they all went "OOOHHHH!" It was surreal. Be thankful for the life you have. Anyway, check the clip out. We have professional video from it as well, but this was just a little clip my boy Marlowe recorded on my flip cam. (i suggest HD)

Feel free to check out the organization's website for more info (pero es en español, no inglés jajaja....)

Once again, HUGE thanks to Brandon Fokken, the Fokken family, and Dad Lazenby. Best summer ever


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Im really reluctant to give my opinion on new music nowadays cuz theres just too much new music, too many ppl thinkin they worthy of an opinion, too many haters, too many biters.... and a nigga gotta do me right now. However, I had to make an exception tho for Bun B's new album Trill OG that dropped yesterday. It has a personal importance and relevance to my life right now. Kinda like the soundtrack to match the emotions you feelin. Needless to say, I was hype that Source Magazine gave it 5 mics, calling it a classic. You can say what you want about the Source no longer being relevant, and even disagree with the rating, but dont knock it without givin it a listen. Ima leave it at that. Anyway, if you in the mood for some honest lyricism, bangin beats, and just plain ole great music, then support the King of the Trill and cop Trill OG.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

Most of yall know Im finally back in America. I dont quite know yet how my 34 days in Colombia has changed/affected me or WILL change/affect me, but I do know it was definitely life altering. Im eager to see how the experience reflects in my new songs and even my outlook on life. Im still in Houston with Lazenby and Grady, and SO ready to get back in the studio in another day or so.

The Amazon

Los Nevados National Park

Gorgona Island

Bogotá, Ibagué, and Manizales

Heres my final thoughts on the trip:

1) I LOVE AMERICA. Ive never felt so patriotic. I finally understand the benefits of being an American, no matter where I travel to. I am so fortunate. I grew up in LUXURY compared to some of the places I visited in Colombia.

2) Everyone needs to visit another country. Its culture shock. Its just important to see. It helps to put things in perspective. America is ONE country in the world. Theres so much left to see and experience that is culturally, politically, and socially just DIFFERENT. And that difference has helped to expand the way I think about the world and my place in it. If you've traveled outside the country a bunch then this isnt for u. But i know tons of ppl who never have and hate to say some that probably never will.

3) I have to be huge WORLDWIDE. Every plane i get off, no matter the country, i need to be recognized. Lets just be real. I still remember back in 2006 when my goal was to take over Belmont University. Then 2008 it was Nashville. Then the South. Fast forward to 2010 and its the WORLD. Hearing Black Eyed Peas playing in a club in the middle of an INDIGENOUS VILLAGE was absolutely mind blowing. I bet Will.I.Am and the crew dont even know theyve reached such an obscure, unknown place. Hell, they probably do. But yall know what Im sayin. With all our differences, it was easiest to relate to many Colombians just from music. I love my calling as an artist, and I am without a doubt taking it as far as God allows.

4) I am too blessed. It still hasnt set it all that I've done in Colombia and I dont know when it will, but the opportunity was once in a lifetime. BIG thank you to Brandon Fokken and the family, Dad Lazenby, and Grady and Robb bein the perfect friends for me to share the experience with. Real talk, me and the crew grew some BALLS on this trip hahahaha thats the only way to say it! This wasnt LA, it wasnt Vegas, ATL, or NY... it was freakin COLOMBIA.....

In closing, all i have left to say is just get ready.


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