Sunday, November 29, 2009

Theres a dope article about me in the latest issue of the Nashville Scene. Much love to the Big Homie Sean Maloney thats been the drivin force behind keeping people updated on the local Hip Hop community in the Scene. Heres the part about me. Dope, right?

Future the Unknown
It's hard to talk about Nashville's new school without mentioning Future the Unknown. Best known as the frontman for local live-rap troupe The Biscuits N Gravy Band and for the two mixtapes of clean-cut, positive hip-hop he released in 2006-7, Future came into his own as an artist this year. Starting with The Sci Fly EP—six songs of electro-influenced, club-banging rap that isn't afraid to indulge his affections—and then followed by six (count 'em, six!) volumes of the Overnight Mixtape series—a mammoth undertaking that finds Future running roughshod through the late summer's Top 40 and freestylin' like no fool had ever touched them tracks—this was the year the Unknown conquered Music City. Future also gets a big huzzah for introducing us to the super fresh skills of Open Mic, the city's best hype man and a talented artist in his own right. As of press time we hadn't heard about any plans for the twenty-ten, but if this dynamic duo keeps on track we can probably expect 8 bajillion units of dope material in the coming months.

Click here to check out the full article

Ill fill yall in on my Thanksgiving drama later this week. Hope yall gained weight!


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Monday, November 23, 2009

The American Music Awards sucked. But they always do. Me and Sir Lazenby watched it last night. It was God awful... Janet Jackson looked old to me for the first time ever. Everybody felt sorry for Whitney Houston. And J. Lo fell... LOL actually that was a highlight. But still. It sucked. I can already tell there will be several occasions that I wont be present to receive my American Music Awards.... maybe the first year or two.

In the meantime, im finna watch J. Lo fall again HAHAHA


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just read a dope article about the Jay-Z concert on Nashville Cream (the Nashville Scene blog). Alotta yall know I went to the Jay concert at Vandy last Friday. Why would I not? Its Jay! In my opinion, anybody that calls themselves a rapper and didnt come up under Jay is just super irrelevant. But anyway, alotta yall might not know that I rode in a freakin stretch Escalade limo, courtesy of Sir Lazenby. DOPENESS. We rolled like Diddy on Friday night. Champagne and all. Got alotta evil looks, got alotta good looks hahaha. Either way, I wasnt about to blog and account the entire night. Some things are just TOO great to blog about. You know them events that u hope u got a few pics of atleast, but other than that u just refer to that memory in reflection or with the ones u shared it with.

SO, with that being said, this article on Nashville Cream is dope. And it pretty much sums up my experience seeing Jay. Im just happy that SOMEONE was able to put it to words, because I know I couldnt. If you are a Jay fan and havent seen him live, that sucks hahahaha. I used to be one of you... until Friday, that is lol

Heres on of my favorite quotes from the article:
When Jay announced that he had surpassed Elvis with the most No. 1 albums of all time for a solo male recording artist, it seemed like a generational triumph--we had beaten the boomers and righted the wrongs of pop cultures past.... As Jiggaman said, "Elvis has officially left the building."

I left that concert on TEEEENNN!! We'll, actually I was already on 10 from the limo ride and champagne... but Jay-Z, my friends, was definitely the highlight of my year.

Click here to read the full article


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"On My Knees" from The Overnight Mixtape, Vol. 6. The most honest and real song I've written. I listen to it everyday. Its a reminder that I still have alot of work to do spiritually. No matter what I achieve in life, I know that its all because of the favor God has given me since I was born. Sometimes ppl think I lose sight of it... hell sometimes I do. But at the end of the day I know that Im rooted and grounded in Christ. And He is my everything, so thats was keeps me humbled.

03 On My Knees - Future


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Sunday, November 15, 2009


All you artists that claim to be doing something need to take notes. My girl Miss B is next up.

I met Miss B in August 2008 at freshman orientation here at Belmont and we hit it off. I featured her on a few shows and a track or two but she was still adjusting being virtually unknown here in Nashville after working to make a name for herself in D.C.

Despite all this tho, I gave my girl HER SPACE lol cuz i know adjusting can be hard, so the second we started school this August, we got to work. We met up and made plans for her to not only enter the Urban/Pop Showcase competition on campus, but to WIN IT and use it to her advantage. "Dont just be in the showcase... BE THE SHOWCASE".

Time passed, yall know I was on my hustle with The Overnight Mixtape Series, and me and Lazenby was throwin parties, and expanding our brand. We featured B on two of the mixtapes and me and Lazenby were both amazed at how B sounded sooooo much hungrier and aggressive than we remembered previously. But even then were still too busy to work hand in hand with her on the showcase, So Miss B really took our talk to heart and started making moves of her own, putting her band together, makin necessary plans to enter the Showcase. She reached out to me a week or so before the showcase and asked me to sample a Shirley Temple song called "Oh My Goodness" that she heard in one of her music business courses. The professor Don Cusic made a joke about somebody sampling it for the Urban Showcase, and sure enough Miss B realized that could be a possibility. So I got to work on chopping the sample and my boy CJ Pettaway hooked up the drums on the track. We all knew we had something special

The rest is history, Miss B passed both rounds of preliminaries, made it into the show, and OWNED IT. But unlike all these other showcase hopefuls, you havent seen the last of B. We are currently in the works of something huge. Thats all Ima say

And get this understood, Im talking bout the REAL Miss B... not this fake chick that SUCKS. Alotta youtube hits and crap dont mean nothing about ur skill level. I dont even care if u got a deal, label backing, or beats by Nitti. Im just bein real....

Hit up my girl Miss B on Twitter, and Check her myspace.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heres some info about a website that I've recently learned about:

Bandbox is a great website for artists, musicians, songwriters, etc because it allows you to keep up to 100% of what you sell. This is an AMAZING alternative to artists like me that really wouldnt be gaining much by paying to be on iTunes, then only make 30% of what I sell. Bandbox does offer premium services, like selling hard copies of albums through their site. And they do take a percentage of those sales. However we all know that majority of the music being bought nowdays is digital, so this company is ahead of the curve. It definitely has the artist's best interest in mind.

I had the pleasure of working with Brian Peterson who is one of the founders of Bandbox. David Venus from Belmont University referred me to him for a project that they were putting together for the Urban/Pop Showcase this year here on campus. They asked to tape me interviewing students around campus with some random questions to throw people off guard, all while tryna sqeeze Bandbox in haha. It was like Jay Leno's "Jay walking" segment when he walks up to random people on the street and asks them questions out of the blue.

Overall the videos turned out great! They were pretty hilarious and it showed me a side of myself I never really knew about lol. According to Brian, I might even have a future with hosting things. Oh snap! Future is the next... Wayne Brady LOLOL.

For real tho, yall check out Bandbox. They are growing and have already enlisted big names artists such as Jewel and Taylor Swift. Go head and sign up, its free. Just upload ur music, put the player on ur myspace, blog, whatever, and start countin your money haha. Hopefully I'll be working with the people at Bandbox alot more w/in the near future... (can u say... SPONSORHIP???) Hahaha we all gotta dream big


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Monday, November 2, 2009

This Halloween
October 31st, 2009
Sir Lazenby, Finney, and Future throw the biggest party of the year

Here is the night, in pictures:
(I must warn you though, the night was as spectacular and huge as it looks...)

Thanks to everybody that came out, and especially all of you that took pictures Saturday night. These pictures say waaaay more than 1000 words


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