Thursday, November 11, 2010

As I eagerly anticipate graduating from college next May, Ive recenly been speculating the question: What would I have been doing with my life if I didnt go to college? If i didnt spend the last 4 and half, almost 5 years working towards a degree full time?

To be honest I have no idea. Part of me believes that GODS-ULTIMATE-GRAND-PLAN-FOR-HAROLD'S-LIFE is of course to be a rich successful artist, entertainer, whatever else. So even if I was just SO defiant and rebellious and KANYE-ISH that i said "Forget the Belmont scholarship, I'm a rapper!" I still believe I would have ended up pursuing music just as hard and faithfully as I have in college and continued to persist despite setbacks, just as I am now. But think about it, I would have lived at home with my parents, been FORCED to work full time. And yall know i CANT keep a job (CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF PREVIOUS JOBS), and i CANT live at home with my parents... So, me completely skipping out on the whole college thing just WASNT happening.

SO scratch that

TRUTHFULLY, my initial plan for college was to use it as a front until I got a record deal and I could drop out hahaha! I never really told anybody that but I was SO sure that my band Biscuits and Gravy was SO close to a record deal back in 2006. And 4 years was too long for me to be in college because I would already be financially set with a stable music career before I graduated!

I mean cmon.. I had a full ride at Belmont all from me busting my BUTT in high school. I had a name for myself in the city. It was TIME to pursue my passion and go all out. I had it figured out. Take classes at Belmont, live in the dorms, all while recording my music, playing my shows, traveling, and ultimately getting a recording contract.

Needless to say that never happened, and 4 years wasnt even enough time for me to get out this place hahaha.

So back to the original question: Where would I be now if I didnt go to college?

Who cares. Cuz I wouldnt be exactly where i am now, thats for sure. And right now Im happier than Ive ever been. Ive never felt wiser, more prepared and more optimistic. I know I am exactly where I need to be in life, and everything has worked out in this way for a reason. Yea, music is my life, and I believe beyond a doubt that I will achieve success with it, but I also know that college was and is a crucial part of my journey and growing process. Im amazed how much Ive matured, and even more so how much Ive learned about the music industry overall. Hell, I dont wanna get signed anymore lol, not until i have all the bargaining power.

In addition to what Ive learned, the greatest aspect of college for me is the relationships: The friendships, the falling outs, the drama, all of that. Ive met people here in college that I will maybe never talk to again that have affected me or my personality in some way. There are people Ive met in college that I will continue to work with and remain close with the rest of my life. Out of those relationships come a range of emotions, experiences, and knowledge that helped shaped who I am.

For me to speculate my life without college, I would have to take away all that I have gained from it. And I do not feel like me attending college made me miss out on any particularly beneficial opportunities elsewhere. College isnt for everybody, but it is/was for me. I will probably never even use my Business Administration degree, but my overall college experience is irreplaceable and will benefit me for years to come.


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ive always wondered how talk show hosts and interviewers hold their laughter when their guests or the topic is just RIDICULOUS, and this clip someone posted on Facebook is about the best way to answer that question hahaha. This had me cracking up! Check out this talk show host that CANT stop laughing at his guest! ITS SO WRONG!

Then right after watching that, I saw a related video of this news lady farting on air... what a great day



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