Friday, May 1, 2009

Other peoples blogs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool.



For real tho, ive seen some AMAZING blogs. And by amazing im not just referring to layout, design, and followers, but mainly post topics, writing style, and just overall DOPENESS.

SO yes. My excuse for not blogging these past few days is the fact Ive just been overwhelmed but so many other AMAZING blogs

I swear, all of this online stuff actually takes skill to manage: Blogs, twitter, youtube, myspace, etc etc. Its hard work to create a following and stay creative and relevant in the forever advancing technological age

Here are some blogs from either friends or acquaintances of mine that I really enjoy. You all should definitely check em out when u get a chance, and follow them if u like what u see. I know I did. I strive to be as cool as them one day (online anyway lol)

Primarily music review blog written by a new friend from Twitter (i know right... the craze finally hit me too). Her writing style is informal yet hella honest and real. Had me readin for a while and catchin up on her old posts!

Blog that focuses on urban fashion and style but also touches upon music occasionally. We are both Chester French fans so thats a PLUS! Hahaha written by a church friend of mine Melissa Watkins. I love the scripture at the top of the blog "Your task is to be true, not popular. (Luke 6:26)" MESSAGE! Lol I def dig her writing style as well. And she is most DEFINITELY up on her fashion. See you in Europe, Melissa!

More blogs to come. Im off to work. Its Friday, and the weather has killed my weekend high already. BOOOOO


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