Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let me just get my "no homo" out the way, because...

I love Eminem

Let it be known, dude is ridiculous. Has been and always will be, especially after his album "Relapse" that dropped last week. Omg. Ive listenend to it 3 times from beginning to end.

I didnt realize how much the game misses and needs Em til I heard the album. His flow just gets more ridiculous. His lyrics just get more sick and controversial. And Dre will always supply the heat when it comes to his beats. Thats a no brainer.

The album was soooo dope, I had to go back and listen to all of Em's old stuff today. Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, and I have yet to get to The Eminem Show and Encore, but trust that Im workin on it.

I must however admit that I had forgotten how good and impactful of an artist Shady was not just on me but pop culture as a whole. Listenin back on his first two records today brought back ALOT of memories. I remember bein on punishement when my mom found my copy of his CD LOL! I remember the blatant disregard for the bluntness and pure EVIL GENIUS of his lyrics. I remember the media outlash and everything, new stories, ban attempts, etc. Shady is a beast. I was scared for a second that this new album after so many years of his absence would bring a different more mature shady. And well it did. More maturely sick!! HAHA! I LOVE IT!

And for all you people still trupping about his lyrical content and whatever else, grow up. The beauty of being an artist is possessing the absolute freedom of expression and creativity. Whether it be a photographer doing borderline pornography and calling it fine art, or Eminem rapping about his step father raping him, its a right AND luxury for ANY and EVERY artist so express themselves in whatever way they feel. And since the very first record Eminem released, he has stayed true to that.

Ill never talk about any of the things he does but I can surely admire it and definitely respect it.

But all controversy aside... Eminem is back. He dropped an album and put everything else to shame in my opinion. His flow is what makes him such an amazing artist to me. The way he rides the bass and snare and keeps the same metric pattern in his flow. Not to mention his wordplay is ridiculous, he bounces off syllables like a trampoline. His choruses are forever catchy and his vocal stacks

Ok lemme get off his nuts... But still, I gotta give props where props are due....

Fav Tracks:
3 A.M.
My Mom
Same Song and Dance
Crack A Bottle

Hell... the whole dang album

Thanks for comin back, Em

Insane - Eminem


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